Your fountain of youth

It happens instantly, when your agonizing muscles will not give in to your vigorous routine. You drop the towel, grab a drink, stand still or sit down. That’s when you are quick to disparage your efforts toward your healthy goal.

It’s easy to give in when you just finished abdominal crunches, and pose on the floor like you just broke all the bones in your body (because, in your mind, a simple crunch will ruin your life). So, after 10 crunches, you convince yourself you just burned away 10 pounds, and therefore, will not need to work out for the next week. I get it, your muscles are sore, your mind is tired, your heart is pounding.

Then, the next day, you choose to give it another try, but this time you push it a bit. You actually complete one of those seven-minute workouts. Sure, you want to rip your hair and glue it back together (to give yourself more stress and something to rant about), but then realize, why is a seven-minute workout feel so damaging? You must be really out of shape. And you are, but so is your spirit.

Nobody said it was going to be easy, but you can mentally make it so. Seven minutes a day is not as bad as it may sound. After the first workouts, it will feel like someone punched you with a mace, but the next day, it will feel rewarding. After a week, you will do things you were not able to do before. Your mind will conquer, and you will believe it could be possible after all.

Take it at your own pace, because only you and your body will react positively to what it feels right. Change it up a bit, go for a walk, increase the challenge each day. it really does work. Find something that inspires you to strive for your goals. Make your goals realistic and you will not despair. Treat yourself, so you have something to look forward to.

It is just like when you write, you won’t quit, because it is your passion. So, do not underestimate a good workout, give it a chance to become your passion. Don’t stop moving. You’ll find your own fountain of youth.


^^^Fountain of youth (not a real one)

Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today (only when my muscles are tired from working out)



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