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Adventures on Middle-Earth (aka Ontario): The apple bearer

I was roaming the lands of Rivendell, when I noticed my Ipod was not charging properly (because everyone knows elves need their ipods); I figured it was the USB charger. I hopped on my pretend horse and rode to the mines of Moria in hopes of finding the exact same one. Apparently, the dwarves struck gold by the other side of the mountains, so I did not get a chance to make business with them. I could have dealt with the Balrog, but he was covered in flames, and I didn’t feel like getting a tan. After careful consideration, I decided to move onto the filthy lands of Mordor…

“But, Ellie, whatever do you mean? Why do you dare to go to those nasty lands?”

I know, but hear me first. I was in a hurry and I heard their products are high quality. Besides, I needed to do a bit of digging into their lives in order to build my army; this was my chance.

As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed like a threat; I had swords pointed at me, arrows shot by my side,  and at least a hundred insults thrown at me by The Eye of Sauron. Did I care? Not really. I just wanted to get my charger so I could listen to my music. Surprisingly, these stenchy creatures understood and sold me the charger. But, they threatened me with war (as usual).

I rode back home to Rivendell with a glorious grin on my face, ready to charge my Ipod. What happened next? Well, the box was empty!!!!! I should have known not to make business with those orcses.

I packed my lembas bread and rode back to Mordor. I was fuming inside, but I smiled because I did not want to cause a riot (I was saving my energy for the war). I showed them the empty box and they tried to get me a new one, but turns out they didn’t have anymore in their supplies. I thought I had lost my well spent gold, when they offered to return the gold I paid with. I was astonished at their offer, and I took it in a jiff.

Oh, and now I have to go talk to Elrond during our Fellowship meeting, because Sauron reminded me of the pending war. I will not hear the end of this from Boromir (hey, in my defense, I RODE into Mordor).

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First World Problems: “I should’ve gotten a better FREE gift”

If aliens have not invaded Earth, it is because of that quote in the title. I am getting worried about how society is slowly ending its principles. Why do people get so greedy and selfish?

First of all, FREE gifts are not FREE if you get it at the store you frequently stop by. Sure, it is FREE when they give it to you, but you have paid and will pay for it when making other purchases. Second, It is a FREE GIFT, F-R-E-E…FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Get over it if it isn’t what you expected. Do you throw the gifts you get for your birthday at your friends’ faces? No. At least, I hope you don’t o_O.

It is FREE for a reason. No refunds (because you didn’t pay for it). No price adjustments (because you didn’t pay for it). Yes, you can probably exchange for another one if you get a faulty one, but if supplies are gone, then don’t throw a tantrum about how your life is over.

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Do you ever post real info on Facebook?

I love Facebook to pass the time and connect with friends – when we are too lazy to use our cell phones -, but I do worry about privacy. I guess nothing is private no matter where you go, unless it’s your own bathroom and you know for certain there are no hidden cameras. But, if you believe in ghosts, they are probably watching you. You are never ALONE. Scary, isn’t it?

Jokes aside (well, not really), I did a bit of digging on my Facebook profile and I came across my past workplaces. If you know me, my Facebook does not have accurate info regarding my workplace and name. When I’m adding new people, I just ask them to give me THEIR name, because they will never find me.

Here’s my job description I wrote 4 years ago (not when I joined Facebook):

Penguin warrior and sometimes ring bearer (read description) · May 2011 to present
The usual…we rise early, eat, battle Orcs, and try to destroy the ring of power. Frodo can be a bit bossy when he’s in a bad mood…geez, he can be possessive sometimes…He is aware that sometimes he’s under the ring’s spell, and when he’s under it…RUN! Seriously, how many times do we have to tell him that Sauron doesn’t love him, but the ring, before he wakes up from the spell? If it’s not true friendship the reason we’re sticking by him, I don’t know what is… Polishing the ring is NOT allowed.
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Feedback needed

Hello fellow bloggers!

I am here to ask you for some feedback on my poetry. I hope you had the chance to read all or most of them. Please, be honest as I am working on my first poetry book! I’d like to enter the writing market with this genre :). Here are a few questions you may consider:

1) Do you prefer photographs to go with the poems? Do they influence your thoughts on the poem?

2) What kind of poems do you like?

3) If you have read any of my poems, pick your favourite and tell me how it made you feel?

4) Do you like a strong vocabulary?

Here’s a link to my poetry on this blog. Obviously, the poems I would like to appear in a book are not on this blog. Hey, if my work becomes known around the globe, it’d be awesome to share my beginnings with all of you :).

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my penguiny heart :p (I just made up that word)

My poems category

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I am ready to submit 3 poems to a magazine contest. Will they pick them? Unlikely, but like any other struggling artist, I MUST start from somewhere. I always say my rejections can be anecdotes for my future children. It would make for a better life story – not to diminish anyone who achieved success right away – 

These poems have to be unpublished, which means you won’t get to read them until they accept/reject them. It makes it even harder, because I cannot ask for your opinion! Normally, it is easy for me to write poems, because they come from my heart. When I write and do it well, I write as fast as I drool over my crushes. Today? That did not happen, and why?

1) It is a contest

2) It MUST be a well-crafted poem (no pressure, right?)

3) It is a contest

4) Lots and lots and thousands of entries

The pros is that there is no theme. Therefore, I have the freedom to write from my heart; that is if my brain will just stop interfering. The best I came up with was: I feel like a squished plum, rotting under the incandescent sun. But, do not worry, because that sentence will never be imprinted on any magazine. It’s like an embarrassing moment replaying in your head over and over again. When will the madness end?

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Poem: What is


The sense in being, I am comatose,

and the fern of your words spores through me.

I await to decide my propose,

before it silently floats to sea.


A desired breeze fogged with denial,

it reckons on my continuous welcoming –

what we imagine sings tunes so vile,

while we notice what we are becoming.


Cry! I clapped through wooded fences,

requiring solution to your deafening melodies.

I foresee your lack of senses,

but forgiving – you destroyed my enemies.


Our notion defies our contrast,

why the change, why the shame?

If we don’t gain, we learn from past,

we can go on without the blame.


If a heart desires, it perseveres,

without counting the broken pieces

it restores to try and fully heal –

it destroys the lost, it regains its peace.


It is what it is

what is it? 

it is what it finds

a reason to be.

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Poem: Antagonist


Evasion of leftover sorrow

And miscreant patches in my heart

I plea to the one I name, a thief

To withhold what breaks me apart.


The impaling hit your absence makes

Cannot disappear with lasting memories

I move forward, to retract my aches

And turn deluge of tears into my remedies.


I, with discomfort, go on – wherever you are,

The idea of no return, with the clues of many reasons

I control the power of the sting of your scar

And I do not attend to my broken pieces.


Am I damaged? Do I know how to feel?

It strikes me in the corner of my emotions;

The thought I will never heal

From the steps we have taken by our devotions.


Can you pull me into my righteous path?

I wish to frisk by the ocean with your company

And disconnect from agonizing wrath.

I was once known to be bubbly.


Behind me, I acknowledge your being

I dream for you to catch me

You have gifted me with sense of freeing

So that today I can clearly see.




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Deluge with respect

This world lacks manners, but more than before? I don’t know. It’d be good to put all manners on a balancing scale to measure. Due to technology, it is a simple fact that we are able to see more than we used to. Yes, it seems like society is going downhill and it overshadows the goodness that exists within it.

People can be rude online, because they can anonymously do so, and that could be a reflection from their daily lives; they are one of those people who talk behind each others’ backs. We have all done it at some point. It is in our nature to complain, but is also in nature to be good. You don’t see newborn babies calling each other names – okay, they can’t talk, but they are not evil – and fine, you do see toddlers calling each other ‘poopy face,’ but that’s not the point.

My point is, we need to start overshadowing the bad. Treat others with kindness and respect, and if they hurt you, then well, call them ‘poopy face’ and walk away (believe, randomness shocks people). I say this because it seems that kindness and respect are becoming so rare, so much so that people misunderstand your kindness with you having ulterior motives. Dude, I’m kind and smile because that’s how I would be treated, not because I want to go out with you. I help you because I want to help, not because I eventually expect you to help me (hey, if you do, I will gladly accept it).

We can’t become a society where we doubt the goodness and mistrust people. Sadly, there is a lot of evil, but the world is big and we can start with small steps.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤