Poem: Place

A comforting trench with ample options,

a place to search for new horizons;

where fears are set in motion,

and dreams would fill with poisons.

At times your mind attests realization,

and your lodge fills with your burden.

Fairly, it is a dire sensation,

and yourself must you pardon.

With a shawl on the ground,

and the flow of many lives, in your mind

if you haste you won’t be found,

Say, do you want to be refined?

The hidden sores tend to welcome

in the place, you are burnout

on the edge of the tears, your hope is beckoned -

in the place, the truth you flout.


Writing 201: Sonnet

Prompt: Future

Form: Sonnet

Device: chiasmus


This is the last assignment for Writing 201: Poetry :(. I’m going to miss it. This class has opened me up so much! This doesn’t mean I’m going stop posting poetry :o. Keep on checking for more.


I, vision

 Runaway and divert your anguish into limbo,

 while you await the scarce value that lingers in prism.

Must not consent such ignoble symbol

why not instigate one of your thousand visions.

The corm of your choices are seeing through blossom

Were you visibly aware? Were you not aware you were visible?

Your dried errors could captivate in autumn,

is it fear, or denial, that they may be miscible?

The hardships you battle as you embrace truth,

they connect to you, as you connect with hope.

Ideally, you comfort, and you let your heart be soothed;

and intentionally, your spell proves to strobe.


The gentle breeze lifts up your silver hair,

and your firmly turn back to bare yourself.


Writing 201: Landscape

Form: Found Poetry

Device: Enumeratio

Prompt: Landscape


I used the path of two lovers as a form of landscape. The idea was to cut pieces of paper and put together, but I have no magazines to cut, so I just used Enumeratio and wrote a short poem.


Let Us

Let us be, enjoy, and grow

before we forgo our diversion

from our yesterday to our tomorrow

let us not force a wrong conversion.


Let’s not rant, or yell, or argue

about past, present, and future;

on the road, a cabin, in public,

or bruise all of our sorrows.


Let’s not set our hearts for damage;

with delusion, exclusion, and confusion,

when our hearts connect and desire

reaching for destined conclusion.


Happy National Pig Day!

I didn’t know such day existed, but I do now. I guess some people would celebrate it by not eating bacon or a pork roast, but others would by indulging on other piggy delicacies. Have you had bacon today? Awkward…

I will publicly admit that I do not like bacon – never have, never will (or who knows). Yes, I have tried it many times. Perhaps, in hopes that it will catch my palate’s attention – that was a complete fail. I still like ham and hot dogs, but that’s about it. The taste of bacon is too strong for me, and the texture is not appealing whatsoever. I guess I will celebrate by wearing my pig slippers, like I always do.

Happy Pig Day, Miss Piggy!


Writing 201: Ode

Prompt: Drawer

Form: Ode

Device: Apostrophe


This Ode is for those who have been there for us. The ones who helped us unlock our fears, in order to face them with great courage. Not many can unlock your true feelings, let alone help you overcome them.


The various hands covered my dues,

and the tunes that rejoiced in times of woes,

Valiant choice! Thee, who triumphed my wars!

Amid the choice of not to be!


 The stupor of my fragile state,

saved in warm, gathered by one muse,

I attest thee presence on celestial grounds.

Ah, joy! Oh, relief! You are near!


All doubts disappeared,

thee gentle hummingbird.

How thee interfered? Through the shadows,

through the grey, into the heavens you took me.


Majestic trust on hopeful horizon!

the rays peeked with shining glitter,

and I was whole, and eternal,

as thee walked me along the shore.


Writing 201: Prose Poetry

Prompt: Fingers

Form: Prose Poetry

Device: Assonance


This prose poem talks about heartache. I did not use ‘fingers’ literally, but as a metaphor by using words such as, ‘ Point’.


Clap, and Waken

Radiant! Clap, or tap, my dear! I hear, in proximity to here. Why abandon my closure, but clothe my emotions? I listened for your words full of detritus. May I set free the flames for thee? I must point that they agree. The cloudless days are approaching, and the frozen slate – on the surface of your heart – it averts your true feelings; of fear, of love, of uncertainty. Be you – you decide – with me or without. You be who you were, or for whom I glistened my heart with sad tears. Point towards what should be true, persevere like on a quest for survival. Then, I clap and I am aware, of such probability.


Extreme Randomness 

I’m using my iPod and I thought it would be fun to randomly type with my eyes closed, and see what I can come up with. It’s time to go to bed and this will help me wear my eyes out.

“Hello bar you when wk eke keen eke hug pjbnbbvb dtthg vgyih Ogle rhuub ng ffhj dj dab server jnvd iodide nrn hydration hydrocarbon be gfdhj. Kougfjhv”

I’m guessing some words were autocorrected :p 

Give it a try! 

The Meal Club

You have to admit it, at one point in your life you had a somewhat bizarre taste in foods. How many times have you made ‘weird’ food combinations? Why am I calling it ‘weird’ anyway? Everyone has different tastes in food, so it shouldn’t be called, ‘weird.’ I will say that it is a unique way, or part of a series of unique food combinations that we once desired.

In College, I had a recurring food combination. It was a hot dog sandwich, with coleslaw and ketchup. The hot dog had to be cut in half, the sandwich would have to be overflown by the coleslaw, and the ketchup would have to be spread all over the two slices – the crust peeled off with my fingers. Why did I like it? I don’t know. My guess is that it was my comfort food during stressful moments.

Did you have any? OR do you have any unusual food combinations?

WordPress Poetry Contest

Originally posted on Wuji Seshat Nibada:

Screen Shot 02-23-15 at 11.34 PM

Hello everyone, I’m holding a poetry contest called “Seshat Nibada’s WordPress Challenge” which I invite you all to join.

1. Create an account on http://www.writerscafe.org
2. Post your best poems
3. Enter them into the contest (on a periodic basis)

The first event starts today February 23rd, 2015:

Once you have created your account on writer’s cafe, go to this link:

1. http://www.writerscafe.org/contests/Seshat-Nibada%27s-Wordpress-Challenge/51135/

Once there, click on Submit.

Please comment here if you have decided to join, it’s open to everyone!

I will reward the best fresh authentic poems entered, and will feature the winners here.

Let me know what your wordpress site is and what your identity there is, do please reblog this, retweet this and on facebook as well to invite your friends who may be poets as well,

Thanks, will post details on this blog or in the page here “Calling All Poets”

I appreciate any support…

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