Looking back into the past with your best friends

The essence of friendship, relies solely on the power to momentarily overlook the count of how many friends you have, and instead count their value they bring into your life. With that being said, I may speak based on my own experience, but at some point in your life, you and your best friends will look back and laugh at the corniness of your pasts.

1) That guy you were convinced your best friend was going to marry. Yes that guy who was a model citizen back when you encouraged her to confess her “love” to him, who is now a complete douchebag and only serves as a reminder that you can overcome mistakes.


2) The day your instincts were right. 


3) When you watched movies and you were both convinced they were based on your lives. 


4) The first time you had too much to drink in front of your best friend, and you tried to act like you were fine.


5) The popcorn button on the microwave didn’t do s**t, and it took 2 bags to figure it out.


6) When one of you had to move away ,and you put on a brave face to stop the Apocalyptic feeling that ran through your veins.


Not every friend who enters your life will stay, but a good friend will leave a good feeling in your life forever. The best you can do is build memories and carry on.

<3 <3 <3 Love, Ellie <3 <3 <3

My pen name: Ellie Marie Acacia

First of all, I have been so busy! I can’t believe I’ve neglected my writing so much. Okay, that explanation was boring. We’ll pretend I was on hiatus, because I embarked on a journey to save Middle-Earth. Those orcs are not easy to deceive, but I managed and now I’m back. I will also add photos from my trip soon :D.

I was attempting to write a short bio, but I am not good at it. Seriously, my life has been full of adventures, surprises, it would take more than a million books (approximately) so summarize it. To be honest, the most important thing you need to know about me is that I am passionate about helping others through my writing. I want to inspire, make people see their value, and be there for them when they need someone. Other than that, here’s one thing you may know about me, which is why I picked my pen name.

I do go by the pen name, ‘Ellie Marie Acacia.’ Why? Because, I go by my middle name, Elizabeth. Most people call me ‘Ellie,’ while others who have gotten used to calling me ‘Liz.’ My mum and I share the same first name, and as you may already imagine, confusions arise from time to time. I do not mind being compared to my mum, but I just became annoyed by the fact I was being referred to as ‘ma’am’ on the phone…when I was a teenager! Not to worry, my voice did not sound like the raging power of an erupting volcano, but people on the other line assumed I must have been in my 40’s just because of the shared first name.

“Teenage awkward years, anybody? As if that wasn’t enough, we will make sure to triple your age on the phone! As an added bonus, we will call you a granny by the Christmas season! Enjoy hot cocoa while we imagine you with a broken hip.”

I picked ‘Marie’ to honour my grandmother, who always taught me to pursue my dreams and never give up. Sounds cliché, but it is true. Actually, her name was Maria, but because I’m of French descent, I picked ‘Marie.’

To add on to my long list of reasons why I picked such an elaborate pen name, is the name ‘Acacia.’ Why would I pick the name of a thorny shrub? First of all, I love flowers, plants, and nature. But, the Acacia is my own metaphor for my journey. I am without fault, but I continue to grow. I may be a pest sometimes, because not everyone appreciates writing as a form of art, but I keep on going.

Here’s a little fact: One of the most famous Acacia  was the ‘L’Arbre du Tenere.’ It was considered the most isolated tree on Earth. It was sadly knocked down by a drunk driver in the Sahara desert. 

I thank you for reading this semi-bio in its entirety, and I will leave you with one of my sayings, as a bonus:

“Embrace your inner passion, and release your will to triumph”.


<3 <3 <3 Love, Ellie <3 <3 <3

Poetry: Chosen Destiny?


One desires for love fortune

with a chance of an everlasting

where destiny spins for us

and we process the odds of misfortune.


Why do we agree and not block the answers

Is it our nature to withhold and accept the outcome?

Can the battles be won without weapons of sentiments?

Are we allowed a say?


We can aspire for numbness

but we cannot step forward with cowardice.

Is it that we fear?

Or is it that we do not care?


The clock ticks to an unknown outcome

and we can falsely move backwards

should we?

it is all an illusion. We can’t retract.


For gratefulness is clear when not blind

and sadness disappears with dreams of company.

We can choose to look back,

but the paths will collide without force.



How to stop being a douchebag

Some people can be douchebags every once in a while, but others can have a serious case of douchebag-ness (I just made that word up, I think). 

1) Own up to your mistakes. Let’s face it, nobody is a Saint. Therefore, we make mistakes, every single day. Learn from them and try not to make them again. A mistake stops being one after 3 times. After that, it’s just plain silly,

2) Be there for your friends. One of your good friends comes to town after a while, but you decide to go party instead…douchebag alert!

3) Don’t preach what you don’t do. That is all.

4) Good hygene. Honestly, why is the world lacking such? Wearing a lot of perfume/cologne is not going to mask it. Just BATHE. 

5) Don’t walk like you are above everyone. There is a difference between confidence and being arrogant.

6) Respect your significant others, both in public and behind closed doors. It’s awful seeing boys talking so rudely to their gfs and vice versa, without the other one stopping them. Have dignity. You only live once, and you deserve to be treated like royalty. 

7) STOP yelling on the streets and making weird noises. Even parrots know when to shut up.

8) Selfies are okay in moderation, but a collage of them screams narcissism.



Daily Prompt: Advantage of Foresight

Today’s Daily PromptYou’ve been granted the power to predict the future! The catch — each time you use your power, it costs you one day (as in, you’ll live one day less). How would you use this power, it at all?


This is a tricky question. To be honest, I don’t know if I want to live past 80; that is if I don’t end up having a family. So, if I can see that in the future, I won’t have a family, then I won’t care :p. The question is, can this power be controlled? If you accept this power, does it mean its occurrence is unpredictable? IF so, I wouldn’t want it. If I can control it, I would use it a few times.

Does it also mean that you cannot predict your own death with this power? What if your destiny is to die within a week? Ah, the tricky situation! I’m a curious person, so I would probably end up using it at least a couple of times :p.


<3 <3 <3 Love, Ellie <3 <3 <3