Poetry: Wander

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Trembling in rocks

with hopeless notions

asking for tranquillity

without sudden response.


If I lie to save me

I mistake my face

but the approaching signs

linger upon a mesmerizing smile.


Relinquishing errors 

to acquire self assurance

where can one find eternal peace

If the soil is seeded with malice?


But recognizing what must be

alleviates each step forward

with a certain waft I can reach

and cultivate splendid amity.


I just want to be okay.

It is a relief a lot of us seek on a daily basis. We understand the struggles and we embrace any positive outcomes. It is a feeling we yearn for permanently, which is just to be okay. This is all I ask for myself at the moment.

I cannot predict the future, but I can learn from mistakes. In the end, I’m growing every year as a person (wish i’d in height, too), and there is so much I can do. I cannot please everyone, I cannot give and expect something in return, I cannot stop making mistakes. I don’t worry as much as I used to, and I’m working towards fulfilment. Why am I not fulfilled? Only because I haven’t achieved everything I want to. I am happy. I am okay. I just wish I could be okay 24/7.

This month I’m taking time for myself. I do what makes me happy, which is something we should all do constantly. It is not always possible, but I think it’s time to do it. This doesn’t mean being selfish with others, but it means making yourself a priority so you can be happy and ready to help others. I don’t follow the crowd. If everyone is into a trend, I’m just doing my own thing. I don’t get intro trouble, though. Do I worry if others are okay with me? I’m polite, I respect others, I help, I just don’t always have the same taste in music, for example. So, no I do not worry about that, because why should I? It does bother me sometimes, and I hope one day I’ll just be okay with it 24/7.

My advice to you, just be okay. Do not put pressure on yourself nor tell yourself you need to see rainbows and sunshine all the time. Just start with being okay, just okay, and go from there.


<3 <3 <3 Love, Ellie <3 <3 <3




First World Problem: Too many games on my Ipod

I remember fighting over who gets to play ‘Snake’ on the cell phone, and feeling a sense of accomplishment once I got to play, even if it was for 10 minutes. The screens were small, and the devices were slow, but it was a great boredom kill for me when I was a kid. Hey, I was even jealous if a few of my friends had a couple of extra games. Silly, right?

Fast forward to today and I’m 26 years old who owns a cell phone and an Ipod. I have a lot of games, some free and some that I bought, but the thrill is gone. Sure, I do get happy when I play my favourite games, but some of them have gone to the Ipod/cell phone graveyard.

“There are no games to play anymore,” man, do I feel awful when I say that.

We are all very spoiled thanks to the advancement in technology. Let’s not forget to appreciate what we have.


<3 <3 <3 Love, Ellie <3 <3 <3

Daily Prompt: Reviving Bricks

Today’s daily promptYou just inherited a dilapidated, crumbling-down grand mansion in the countryside. Assuming money is no issue, what do you do with it?

If we assume I have more money than the amount of stars in the universe, I would’ve already fulfilled most of my goals. This inherited mansion would just be a project that I’d work on for fun. I’d rebuild, transform it into a habitable place for penguins, hire Iron Man as their instructor, and plot world domination.


People Say NY Interview Series- Espen Stenersrod


Great poet!

Originally posted on Espen Stenersrød- From Pen To Heart:

Hi again

Earlier this week I was interviewed by the lovely Dominique Lamboy from People Say NY about my poetry, the arts, writings and music. I talk about my book Nihighnigma and upcoming events. We also speak of family, culture and how to connect the arts together in the 365 daily challenge.

Please check it out if you have 30 minutes and want to get to know me a little bit better

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Poetry: Sight


Dark tunnel with pushable struggles,

a dire escape and no light in sight

unheeding freedom blazing through one’s will

feeling undeserving of the journey.


Words are thrown about who to become

one grants their pleads

and forget where we are headed

the ending road should lead to calm.


Defeating unexpected waves

one endures the turmoil

they scream, but one is tired

you cannot do this for them.


Hopeful of a triumphant exit

if your eyes can open

and witness your deserving happiness

as you transform into your will.


Poetry: Will we reach?


Counting days like pointing stars

and subtle energy bypass my skin

ideas tangled in my mind,

and confusion bonds onto thoughts

Will we reach?


In the infinite loop of prudence

we walk along imperfect perceptions.

With rigorous climbs we are fatigued with reasons

but new hope unveils

Will we reach?


It is a thirst for what is whole

but a resistance denies the purpose

if we seek, we fear the found

but our losses are excerpts of our lives

Will we reach?


For what we cherish is fulfilment

and to attain our glory we strive

while we decipher our impediment 

and ask for a reward of clarity

Will we reach?



How do you deal with rude people?

I’d love to understand why some people are so rude. What do they gain from being a nuisance to others? I don’t care about the lame excuse, “oh, I had a bad day/week,” because I do have those days and I don’t go around yelling at people and taking out my frustrations on innocents. One thing is to be annoyed when you have a bad day, and another is to be aggressive to people who have no clue of how your day is going.

If someone is rude to me, I just ignore them and daydream. Would I love to reciprocate the rude gesture and/or slap them with a fish? Absolutely. But, I refrain from doing so, because you can’t fight fire with fire.

What I find works with these people is if you randomly start talking about different topics. Yes, make them think you’re crazy. It’s fun to watch their bulging eyes when they realize they can’t talk about themselves with you anymore. Does it always work? Nope, but what the heck, try it.  The only times I do it is when I’m bored or my daydreams are not vivid enough to transition out of the rudeness.


<3 <3 <3 Love, Ellie <3 <3 <3