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Adventures on Middle-Earth (aka Ontario): The apple bearer

I was roaming the lands of Rivendell, when I noticed my Ipod was not charging properly (because everyone knows elves need their ipods); I figured it was the USB charger. I hopped on my pretend horse and rode to the mines of Moria in hopes of finding the exact same one. Apparently, the dwarves struck gold by the other side of the mountains, so I did not get a chance to make business with them. I could have dealt with the Balrog, but he was covered in flames, and I didn’t feel like getting a tan. After careful consideration, I decided to move onto the filthy lands of Mordor…

“But, Ellie, whatever do you mean? Why do you dare to go to those nasty lands?”

I know, but hear me first. I was in a hurry and I heard their products are high quality. Besides, I needed to do a bit of digging into their lives in order to build my army; this was my chance.

As soon as I arrived, I was welcomed like a threat; I had swords pointed at me, arrows shot by my side,  and at least a hundred insults thrown at me by The Eye of Sauron. Did I care? Not really. I just wanted to get my charger so I could listen to my music. Surprisingly, these stenchy creatures understood and sold me the charger. But, they threatened me with war (as usual).

I rode back home to Rivendell with a glorious grin on my face, ready to charge my Ipod. What happened next? Well, the box was empty!!!!! I should have known not to make business with those orcses.

I packed my lembas bread and rode back to Mordor. I was fuming inside, but I smiled because I did not want to cause a riot (I was saving my energy for the war). I showed them the empty box and they tried to get me a new one, but turns out they didn’t have anymore in their supplies. I thought I had lost my well spent gold, when they offered to return the gold I paid with. I was astonished at their offer, and I took it in a jiff.

Oh, and now I have to go talk to Elrond during our Fellowship meeting, because Sauron reminded me of the pending war. I will not hear the end of this from Boromir (hey, in my defense, I RODE into Mordor).

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Unknown Squirrel

There he was (or she? Let’s just go with ‘he’), carefully stepping on the fresh coat of snow. The only creature to give signs of life in the never-ending winter. Mr. Squirrel prepared for his journey, across the street. Did he forget where he kept his nuts? Was this a sign that spring was nearby? What was he doing? Why was he there? To cheer me up, I bet. I said it, I’m partial to squirrels.

I glanced through the window on a sunny but extremely cold day – with frost on the frames – and eager to see this creature enjoy his life. He appeared out of nowhere and it caught my attention. He was brown and looked healthy – normal weight for a squirrel I suppose, but I’m not a veterinarian – and I tried to figure out what he was doing. He stopped when he heard cars coming, and he moved a step or two towards the snow cliff in the yard. It was a great moment for a photo, but I didn’t want to disturb him. He was on a mission.

He didn’t get any food from the snow. He stood on the cliff until the cars went by. Suddenly, he made a run for it; he tried to cross the street. “Good luck, little buddy!” I shouted in my mind. I hesitated to go outside and witness first-hand his victory. I almost did, but then he stopped on the edge of the sidewalk. The cars drove by and he went back to the bottom of the cliff in the yard. And then, he ran until his heart raised to maximum (or so it seemed).

A lot of cars drove by and I lost sight of him, but then he triumphantly ran up the snow cliff across the tree, and went up the tree he must have longed for. He made it, and I was happy.

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Spider Dishonesty

Alright, I’m still on my quest to befriend spiders – you know, because that would be a proud achievement – and it was going so well, until a couple of days ago. My quest is simple; as long as spiders do not make me see them or bite me, they live. The other night…that didn’t happen.

I first spotted this…being…in the bathroom. I did not think much of it, because I was literally minding my own ‘business.’ For the first time, I was not scared of – okay, we’ll name this spider, Renzo – Renzo, I chose to let it go, because I thought he would run and never come back.

I went back into my room and there he was, in the middle of the floor. Why? I don’t know. For all I know, he wanted to slow dance with me – there there Ellie, don’t be so full of yourself, you think a spider wants to get it on with you – but there he was, full of pestilence, staring and creepy-crawling. Now, he rests under my shoe. I was not sorry at that moment, but I regretted it in the end. I’m going to try to do better next time. Hey! At least, I don’t freak out anymore…heh…

My friend says killing a spider is 20 years of bad luck. Add that to my broken mirrors, me walking under ladders. I should be dead by now!

Spiders: Nature’s way of flipping you the bird.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Toilet Paper Doomsday

In a day like no other, as you prepare for a productive day (or pretend it’s going to be productive), you do what most people do after waking up; you empty your tank. It is a simple thing you could do in the middle of the night, when you are awaken by your bladder, with a gnawing discomfort that rushes down your legs. Sometimes, you take action and make an effort to alleviate the bladder-full sensation – mostly when you have nightmares and want to reset your sleep – but other times, you toughen up and go back to your dreams, even if it means hallucinating waterfalls.

It’s all fine, it really is, until you are awake and find yourself leaking droplets as you rush to the magic bowl. And then it hits you, you aren’t senile, and senile people are prepared and wear diapers. You are not toddler potty training either, so that is not an excuse. Who are you trying to find an excuse for, anyway? These thoughts are all running through your head.

Ding! Ding! You are about to panic. The toilet roll is almost finished and you barely had enough for the morning. You always plan ahead and you know you have more toilet rolls in the cabinet (after all, you always buy before you run out). This time, however, you seem to have misplaced the backup supplies – misplace is a word you use in your head when you are in denial of your own negligence – but, there is a store near your workplace and you can buy a few rolls. And you do, and you are happy with your rolls, like you have just received your first Nintendo console. Even your co-workers stare at your proud grinning, and stay away from you for the day. But, you don’t care, because you know that after work, your “cushions” will be all taken care of.

You come home, relax, have dinner, and get ready for sleep. You reach for the new toilet roll, but it isn’t there. You forgot to take it out of bag when you came home. You live home alone so you walk like a penguin with your pants down, rummaging through your things to find it. There is nothing, and you retrace your steps only to find out that you never came home with the bag.

When you are in a panic, nothing logical comes to mind. A shower would solve things, but what about in the morning? What would you use? Q-tips? Tissues? Paper towels? A towel? Napkins? A loofah? You could, and only you would know about it.

As you waddle back to the bathroom feeling defeated, you turn some lights off, fix a few tilted picture frames, and close your hallway closet. You come to a full stop and remember why the closet was left opened. You slide the doors and you find 24 rolls of toilet paper.

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What makes a good Antagonist?

I don’t know about you, but I do like writing Antagonists. This isn’t because I like the dark side, but because it feels like a safe adventure where I get to lose control, and try to find a solution to the problems the Antagonist may evoke.

Everyone will have a different opinion, and this is why I love writing. You can choose how you write and what you write about. Antagonist have a dark side, and they can sometimes be evil without a change of heart. But, they can also be good, but confused individuals. Antagonist will sometimes be born the way they are, but often times they have a motivation to do the things they consider right.

1) They are not always evil. They may make errors, but their roots are not always evil.

2) They have a reason. Perhaps, not logical to the protagonist, but in their mind, they are doing what they think it’s right.

3) As a writer, sometimes you don’t know what makes them Antagonists. It has happened to me before, when I thought I was writing about a protagonist, but I realized half way, the character was not who I thought he was.

4) Antagonists are always in peril. Every step they take in the story, will retrace back to their initial problem. It is tough to fix an Antagonist.

5)  Antagonists can create frustration to the writer. YOU are creating the world, the conflict, and while characters may evolve throughout the story (without you intentionally doing so), it can feel like you’re betraying the story and characters.

While writing protagonists can also be excruciating, you know, because they’re not without flaws, I feel it is definitely a much energy-consuming task when I create Antagonists.

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My random story of the day

Hello fellow Middle-Earthlings…wait, wrong world…Let’s try this again…Hello, fellow bloggers! Hope the week has been treating you great :). As you know, Snow White is jealous of me when it comes to animal interactions (ha ha just kidding). But, animals around here love to appear out of nowhere and do funny things. Like I’ve always said, the leftover food in the trash cans must be good here.

Today, I was walking home from work when I noticed two birds staring at the road. One of them was standing on a garbage bin and the other on the sidewalk. The former just stood on the bin, while the latter carefully started walking to the road as soon as the cars passed. Why? Well, there was food in the middle of the road. What amazed me was that he timed it perfectly, because he was able to walk back as the light turned green and the cars approached. Unfortunately, for his garbage bin friend, he didn’t bring it any of the road food for him.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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I have witnessed the funniest moments

When I was little I’d stay at my cousin’s house for part of the summer. Most of my cousins were older than me, so there were things I wasn’t allowed to do (for example, I had an earlier curfew), but that didn’t stop them from asking for my help when they needed it —I never said no, even though they used to steal my candy.

It was a sunny day and I had finished getting ready to go out with my cousin. She stepped in the shower and while I waited, I watched TV. I didn’t hear any commotion, but all of a sudden I heard a voice calling me. It was a low voice, so at first I thought I was just crazy or it was the show I was watching, but it wasn’t until I answer to said voice that I realized it was my cousin calling from the bathroom. She wasn’t calling for help, per se, but she sounded like she had done something she shouldn’t have done. As soon as I opened the door, I saw it, the shower curtain rod had fallen after my cousin grabbed the towel that was hanging from it. I wish I could show what her face looked like. She shook her head sideways while she tried to say ‘oops.’  It was kind of like this, except with a more guilty look:

After laughing hysterically for a minute (or so), I helped her, but we noticed the whole rod had broken, so we did have to tell our aunt. They didn’t get mad, and they laughed, as well. Phew!

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Through the eyes of my childhood: Chapter Three – Prankster

This is Chapter 3 of a series I started a while back, where I tell a story from my childhood and find similarities to who I am today.


You know by now that I used to…fine, I still am, but not as much…be a hyper girl. I kept myself busy, recited poetry in front of relatives, teased my sister, and of course played pranks on others. I wasn’t a mean prankster or anything, I meant no harm, I just wanted to tease.

I did the prank calls, scared my friends, the coin on the ground prank, etc. One that  I will never forget is the gum prank I played on my older cousin. I filled gum with non-toxic (because that somehow makes it less evil) ink and brought it with me to his house. He was my target, because he used to tease me, and I wanted him to get a taste of his own medicine (remember, I was young). I offered him gum, but I told him not to swallow the juice — see? I wasn’t that bad — and he took the gum.

Soon after his sister and I started laughing, his mouth was covered in blue ink. He knew something wasn’t right, so he ran to the nearest mirror. He screamed and yelled for my uncle to come.  I knew I was going to get in trouble. My uncle tried not to laugh when he saw him, and you won’t believe what he said, “Suck it up! It’s just a prank.” I was speechless, he was okay with it? Well, not entirely, he did told me not to do it again, but he heard of the prank and knew it wasn’t dangerous. I was content that my prank actually worked, and my cousin didn’t forgive me for a while, but we moved on.

Today, I still play pranks, but they’re pretty harmless. I like to prank my best friend into thinking her phone network is messed up, by sending her the same text message 20 times in a row. Sometimes, I even play pranks without even noticing. She loves monkeys like I love penguins (probably why we get along so well), and she has one on her room ceiling, just hanging around (I did not notice for a long time). One day we were on her computer and while I was waiting for her to finish, I looked up and saw the monkey, I literally screamed so loud that my friend thought I was dying. No joke. I laughed so hard after. It’s like I play pranks without even trying :p

And this is me throwing a performance :p


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Random Photo of the Day #13…with a Story Starter…and Ellie’s daily update

Good evening (morning or afternoon) everyone! How was your Thursday? Only 1 day until the weekend! Even if you have to work on the weekend, just celebrate…no? no? Okay.

There isn’t much to update, except that I go back to work next week! So, I’m just enjoying the last few days. I’m staying up late —I always stay up late, but let’s pretend I don’t and make a big deal out of this — to watch Grey’s Anatomy at 12am. The reason why is because my sister lives on the other side of the country so she’s 3 hours behind me. We like to watch it at the same time :p. Tonight’s episode should be interesting, there’s a weird bug going around at Grey-Sloan memorial hospital! 

Today’s photo of the day is self-explanatory, when you look at it :p. Look at what I found! This photo is all about peace. We want peace and we want the world to be peaceful. Will it ever happen? Until then, think about things that make you feel peace. 

Enjoy the rest of your day/night :D! Ta ta for now!

Story Starter: They envisioned a plate full of hopes…



❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Random Photo(s) of the Day #12…with a Story Starter…and Ellie’s daily update

Hi everyone! I hope the new week has been treating you well! IF NOT, let me know and I’ll call upon my army of penguins.

I added a little something extra to the title, because my random photo post has turned into updates, as well. It’s okay, though. It spices things up over here :D.

I woke up thinking it was Monday, but I guess my brain played an April Fools’ joke on me :p. Today was a good day, I went for a long walk (it’s finally sunny in Ontario!), and wrote my first post for the A to Z Challenge. I have a huge craving for cinnamon rolls, so I’ll probably have an unhealthy breakfast tomorrow. I’m learning French using the app called ‘Duolingo’. I know the basics, and I started using the app about 3 months ago, but I’ve been neglecting it. I have a French background so it’s only fitting that I learn the language. I already speak Spanish, so that’s out of the way (also have a Spanish background). Here’s hoping one day I’ll translate some of my work in French!

Today’s photos are of the most wonderful thing, okay ONE of the most wonderful things, in my life…drum roll please…FLOWERS. I love flowers, preferably colourful ones, but I’m not picky. I also love it when bees do not fly around them. I use flowers to let people know I care, to show my love, gratitude, or as a random gesture. I really do not need an excuse to give out flowers; I even give myself flowers (as sad as that may seem). Enjoy these photos and hope you have an awesome Tuesday and/or Wednesday (depending where you live). Ta ta for now!

DSC08453 copy DSC08457 DSC08567 copy DSC08579 copy

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤