Love in Memories – Note One

I spontaneously wrote this a few days ago in 20 minutes. I didn’t want to edit, because I wanted to just pour my thoughts out, and leave it the way it turned out. I decided to share it and I hope to share for notes from it as I continue exploring this topic.

Title: Love in memories


A ripping pain overflows your veins, while you sit alone in agony. Reminiscing the fruitful moments and the lavishing gifts you once possessed.

 Where did all go?

You blame yourself for the present outcome. The guilt of what you lost, and where you could be right now does not leave your mind. It hurts, it strikes the deepest sorrow in your soul.

Where are you now?

Everything is empty and the world doesn’t make sense. The place where you are sitting is where everything will come together.

How will you move forward?

There is no clear starting point, but you can begin to gather leftover,s of any will you have to live. This is how you will resurface – or so you think – but all you have left to do is decide whether or not it’s worth moving forward.

You affirm to yourself that it doesn’t end here, but you have nothing around, except yourself. Where are you catching the inspiration from? There is one thing that you didn’t think you could count on, and that is your memories. You believe all the memories you have serve no purpose, because all you want to remember are the bad memories. There is one thing you overlooked and that is the love that you can find in them.



<3<3<3 Love, Ellie <3<3<3

Weekly Writing Challenge: List Lesson

This week’s writing challenge encourages us to write a list of anything; about who you are, bucket lists, love, pain, etc. My list is about 10 lessons I have learned for the past 26 years (my whole life), in no particular order:

1) Every problem has a solution.

2) Be happy as often as you can.

3) Don’t change for anyone.

4) Be independent, but don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones for help.

5) Always ask questions. The worst someone can say is ‘no,’ but at least you went for it.

6) Do not throw away your values.

7) Peer pressure is a force created by fearful people. No matter what the say, do what feels right. Chances are you won’t see them ever again. I don’t keep in touch with most of my high school classmates for this reason. Remember that being ‘cool’ is being yourself and not a puppet.

8) Live without regrets. Remember our clocks are ticking as we speak (or read) and we do not when they’ll stop. At least, if something happens while you try to realize your goals, you’ll be happy you at least started. Who knows, it probably wasn’t in your destiny to finish, but you probably set it up for someone else to take over and help them grow as a person. Things really DO happen for a reason. Believe me.

9) Treat yourself. Remember you deserve to feel good.

10) Be good to others. Sure, there are mean people out there, but do not go down to their level. Keep your head up and move forward.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

Writing challenge: Flash Fiction

I’ve decided to join the weekly writing challenges and here’s my take on the 300-word or less flash fiction.


One of them

I had ten minutes left on my break, and I decided to walk back to work. I rushed through the small crowd, in order to avoid seeing him when I passed through the main doors to my work. “Why did he come back into my life when we stopped being friends years ago?” That question unravelled in my mind the entire way. I tried to avoid making eye contact as I approached my workplace, but my anxiety grew stronger when I realized he stared as I arrived. “Wait,” he shouted. My resentful expression greeted him, but I spoke no words. I turned and tried to go inside, but time suddenly came to a stop for everyone, except for him, his friends and I.  

“What did you do?” I yelled.

“I didn’t. You did,” he smiled.

I paused in shock for a few moments, looking at the immobile crowd. I came to realize that I wasn’t who I thought I was, and that he came back to help me see that I was one of them.