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Brewing the perfect man

There is no such thing as the perfect man, because there is no such thing as the perfect woman; nobody is perfect. The End.

Just kidding, I’m not done, yet :p. Today, I randomly told my BFF that I was going to brew the perfect man. Initially, she thought I meant physically, but while that was true, I also meant emotionally. I can’t even imagine how the brewing process would go:

1 teaspoon of cuteness

10 litres of good morals

2 teaspoons of independence

1 strain of black hair…wait, maybe blonde, maybe brown, light brown? Hmm..maybe I should go with dirty blonde…I don’t know, how about a blend of everything? 

Wait, maybe I should add more cuteness. Oh, I forgot to add ‘common sense,’ and intelligence? 

Okay, I don’t like cooking the perfect man. 

And then, my BFF mentioned how I would be a “gabazillionaire” if I came up with such brew. The thing is, it’s up to destiny to decide. So women/men out there, just wait. Do not force things to happen. Go out, meet people, enjoy life, find your independence and grow as a person. So that when that ideal mate joins your path, you’ll be ready to share what you’ve discovered along the way. Here’s an advice: look beyond the physical, you’ll be surprised at what you can find 🙂


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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I have nothing to wear…to stay in my room? Huh?

Okay, I PROMISE I will go back to editing and post the last parts of my short story (Laura’s Closet), but something came to mind, and I MUST share. I mean, this is still a blog, right? Okay, good!

The temperatures are dropping fast again – because Mother Nature apparently has a grudge against Ontario – and even though I have a furnace, I still feel like wearing a sweater. Perhaps, because they make me feel cozy and safe, like hats  – oh my goodness, I love hats! But, that’s another story. I’m rambling now.

Anyway, finding a sweater sounds good, right? The thing is, I seem to go through my wardrobe many times, trying to find the perfect sweater to wear, just to be in my room! It’s not like anyone is going to see me (unless I Skype), but I tend to do this with other pieces of clothing, as well. Basically, my room turns into a fashion show, and my floor becomes the runway, and for whom? I don’t know, my stuffed animals? Imaginary Robert Downey Jr. and Leonardo DiCaprio? It is fun to do, and it does save me a lot of time, whenever I need to pick and outfit to go out. But, other than that, there isn’t too much a point. Well, I guess when it comes to ‘random me,’ there shouldn’t be.

Honestly, I’m probably the only woman in the world who spends less than hour getting ready. Although, I like to keep or start a fashion trend, I like to use my instincts when I pick the right outfit. This is also true when I go shopping. If I go with my friends, I stay for hours, because they stay for hours, and also because I love to hang out with my friends. If I’m on my own, I already know my stores, so it doesn’t take me hours to shop – and this is the part, where men begin to rejoice. When I’m in my favourite stores (like Suzy Shier), I let my eyes do the talking, and my heart do the picking. It doesn’t matter how ‘cute’ an outfit may seem, or how well it may fit. If I don’t feel it, I’m not buying. This also prevents me from buying clothes that will collect dust in my closet.

My stuffed animals certainly enjoy the ‘fashion show’, and probably the many spirits that visit my room – my late ancestors are definitely doing a facepalm – and yes, I do enjoy it, but sometimes it does feel a bit ridiculous. Ah well, this is me, and I’m not gonna change, but how about you? Do you do this, as well? Whether you’re a woman or a man?

Ps: I’ve noticed, I’m starting to call myself a ‘woman’ instead of a ‘girl’. I’m growing up!