Through the eyes of my childhood: Chapter Two: La Hyper Girl

I started these series in order to remind myself of who I used to be, in comparison to who I am today. Here’s part one if you want to follow: Through the eyes of my childhood: Chapter One – Hiding


La Hyper girl

I was a hyper child and always ready to go. I think my parents would’ve made great marathon runners from chasing me all over the place ( I even learned how to walk trying to chase my dad). Then again, in my defence, my two grandfathers were athletes and so was my mum, so it was in my blood. Even though, the energy of a hundred suns combined ran through my body, I managed to sleep through the entire night, which is something my parents were incredibly grateful for. Nevertheless, I  could not be left with anyone but my parents or grandparents, without crying. No one ever knew why, but I like to theorize that it’s because I’m naturally sensitive.

One night my parents decided to go out and my aunt (dad’s sister) offered to babysit –if I had a time machine, I would go back and warn her not to. Despite my parents’ concerns about me throwing a fit, my aunt encouraged them to go out and have  fun (she was only trying to be nice, oh poor auntie!) ; little did she know, she was in for quite the night. They left me asleep, but as soon as they left, guess what happened? Yup,  I woke up and started crying (did I somehow managed to install surveillance cameras in my crib?). My aunt tried to calm me, and reassured me it was all going to be fine (because, in a moment of desperation your brain tells you this is logical), but nothing worked. She was smart (and desperate to shut me up), and resorted to digging through the hamper to get my parents’ shirts (so gross,poor aunt), and placed them next to me. It worked! I fell right asleep – sneaky aunt, how you fooled  me! Having had the odd feeling that something awful happened, my parents cut the night short and returned home early. As soon as she saw them, my aunt ran away in tears…nah, just kidding, but she was exhausted. After that night, my mum never left me with anyone, but my grandparents.

To this day, I’m still a hyper woman. It’s helped, though. There are a lot of things I would not have achieved had I not been hyper. However, my friends don’t let me drink coffee when I’m with them (can’t blame them), not because they don’t want me to, but can you imagine what I’d be like with caffeine running through me? I’d say like a rabid raccoon with a splinter in its tongue, trying to escape the gates of hell. I like to joke with them and tell them my steamy cup has coffee in it :p (it’s just peppermint tea). But, this is who I am. I like to enjoy life, heck I like to hate life sometimes, too. I’m not a robot on a happy mode 24/7, but I try to be. I break, I feel, I cry, I panic, I get anxious, but I’ve been in a lot of dark places in the past that I don’t want to go there again. I get bored, but somehow I manage to find something fun to do. I’m still sensitive, and I don’t know, but it’s like I can sense people. No, I don’t have magical powers or have a sixth sense, but I listen to my instincts a lot. If something or someone doesn’t feel right, I don’t accept it. I don’t cry when people approach me or when my relatives visit me –I cry when they leave, though.

This is who I am, and there are things that are just part of me. I never stopped being that baby and child, I just grew alongside them.

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Yup, I’m wearing a wig and sunglasses in this baby pic :p

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

Who is she that dwells in such realms

She was not worried. The day was pleasant. She sat on the edge of the grassy hill, stroking her wavy black hair, using her fingers. Her hairbrush was lost on the way up the hill. Usually, she doesn’t condone such rough ways of brushing her hair, but her desperation of maintaining it called for it. Not many things were left in her backpack. After all, the hill was a route she did not expect to take.

Her plan was to run through the forest in search for wild fruit. But an unusual mint-coloured leaf caught her attention, and she followed it, as it was blown by the wind. It was after a good ten minute run, when the leaf came to a full stop. She picked it up and noticed a ray of sunshine poking both of her eyes. Curiosity got the best of her, and she walked and then ran, until she reach the top of the hill. The hill was not too high, but enough to create an in-depth view of the fields surrounding it. She was worried of her return home, but she figured it would be easy to follow back.

As she gazed upon the fields, she felt a small shutter, then a noise approaching. It got loud enough for her to tell it was a train. It was coming from the right side, and she looked as it approached. To her amazement, it was not a passenger train, but a cargo train. She almost did not pay attention, because she thought it was an ordinary train, bringing goods into town, as usual. But, she saw in the wagons an abundance of mint-coloured leafs, just like the one she picked up. For a moment, she thought it’d be good to drop the leaf she caught into the wagons, but she decided to keep it. She felt special, like the wind brought her to that spot for a purpose. She witnessed such rarity, that all the worries in her life escaped from her.

The train was far away by now, but she could not stop staring at it, as it ventured off to an unknown destination. She crossed her legs and placed her backpack on her lap. She was thinking of a safe place to keep this new leaf, so she put it inside the small front pocket. Now, it was time for her to find her way back. She stood up and put on her backpack. Just as she was about to walk down the hill, the wind started to pick up. She looked up and there was only a cloud in sight. It almost looked like it was shaped in the form of a heart. She didn’t think much of it, so she kept walking down the hill, and looked up one more time. It was in the shape of a heart. She smiled and changed her route again. She felt the wind was about to embark her on a new adventure.

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