The video that helped me survive college

I remember the day, it was an animation class, and one of my classmates decided to show us this masterpiece. My teacher and all of us did not stop laughing for at least 10 minutes, and my friend and I had to excuse ourselves to go to the bathroom to finish our laughing –it was a a case of laugh attack – for another 20 minutes (my teacher was so understanding).

Laughter is the best medicine, so here’s yours for today 😀


Happy morning (afternoon, evening, depends on where you live). Best of luck on this beautiful Thursday! I’m surprised I haven’t posted any penguin videos for you to watch (considering how much I love them!), but here’s a good one! If you ever wondered what it feels like walking in Ontario during winter, then you must watch this video 😀

Daily prompt: Moments to Remember

Here’s the daily prompt for today: Moments to Remember

I sure have a lot of memories! One of the best memories is of my birthday present last year. My sister went above and beyond to get me an autograph of Sean Astin (he played Sam in the LOTR movies)…as well as a birthday video greeting from him!!!! Somehow, she managed to keep it a surprise from me – usually, I know what she’s up to. But, I was in shock and screaming all over the place when she gave me those presents! I will forever treasure those moments. It was also VERY nice of him to record the video. It goes to show you that he really is a good-hearted fellow – well, he was in the fellowship of the ring haha.

It may be a short memory, but it is the intention behind it that makes it special.