I’m sorry

Whenever there is a plane crash, I cry. Whenever there is a deliberate attack on a plane full of innocent people, I cry even more.

This is not right, this shouldn’t happen in our world. Why is it so hard for some people to understand war is not a solution, but the root of our problems? I’m not going to judge people, but I want to say that I believe that what they did to these passengers and their families is far more evil than the mistakes they made in their lifetimes.

Like I said, I care a lot and I feel bad that these people suffer the way they did. I’m sad their families have to go through this, which was 100% preventable. Just stop fighting people! What is the point? Stop shooting planes, stop ruining families, stop destroying lives. What is it that you’re fighting for? There is no logical explanation. We are supposed to evolve as a race, but we seem to be doing worse than past generations. Why do people have to keep dying in order for others to understand what they do is wrong? And to that insult to injury, nobody claims responsibility, Be a proper human being and admit what you did wrong and try to rectify it. This is an opportunity to make amends and fix the world, a chance to finally admit our errors, stop the wars, and live in peace. Stop being cowards.

Living in peace is a simple task, but obtaining peace during war is a hundred times harder. I’m sorry your loved ones have to pass away. I’m sorry your sleep will dissipate. I’m sorry you won’t wake up like you normally do. I’m sorry you’ll long for their return. I’m sorry you’ll sometimes feel angry. I’m sorry people can’t see their errors and you and your loved ones have to pay for it.  I’m sorry you’re no respected.