Some of my favourite apps

“What? Just ‘some’? You’re a tease.” Yup, I am :D. Here are SOME of my favourite apps. Feel free (they’re literally free) to give them a try! But do so at your own risk. If you end up regretting it, it’s not my fault ;). You can download them on the App Store (Apple) by doing a search and installing.

Social Media:

1) Facebook (now it’s easier to stalk your friends): You can choose to save your password if you want. It’s simple to use and navigate. It’s also convenient if you don’t want to bring your laptop to your bed. I’ve had it for months now and have only experienced minor problems. For example, there have been times when the News Feed wouldn’t load, but a restart of the app would fix it.

2) Pinterest (a.k.a the app you forget you have): I recently created an account on Pinterest and I like it. I’m not sure I’m in love with it,because I forget I have an account all the time. I can see myself using it a lot, whenever I get in a fight with my laptop, though. I’m going to say one thing, it is awesome to have when you need your quick daily dose of Robert Downey Jr and Leonardo DiCaprio.


1) Duolingo (learning a new language is hard, and so is remembering this name!): I LOVE this app. It is a FREE tool where you can learn a new language. It is a lot of fun, you basically get so into it, you forget you’re learning. I’m learning French now, because I’d like to buy their amazing wine while speaking french, and its grammar is similar to Spanish (I’m fluent). You can also use your built-in microphone for some of the exercises. It’s great practice before you take your skills out in the real world, so you don’t make a fool of myself with the pronunciation. It won’t let you pass if you mispronounce. Hopefully, I will learn fast, or else my French ancestors will come to haunt me.


1) The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth: Wait, you thought I was going to say ‘Angry Birds’? Yes, I play the game, but it’s not a game I love (this is a list of MY favourite apps, after all). The Hobbit, however, is so amazing, it’s going to be my Valentine’s Day date! That’s how much I love it. It’s a world where you create your own cities, battle orcs (basically retail customers, but more stinky), and gain virtual rewards. I only have one city, but I’m building my own army! It’s great to pass the time, and very addicting. It is free, but if you want to speed things up, you can purchase ‘Mithril’ with REAL money. I don’t buy Mithril, I need to buy real food to live.


1) 7-minute workout (when it’s too cold to go to the gym): Snowstorm hits! Oh my goodness, how am I going to get to the gym?  Well, you won’t. You’ll use this app to replace your time at the gym (don’t fully replace it, remember you paid for your gym membership). It’s an awesome way to keep active inside your home, when the ice apocalypse prevents you from leaving it. You can do 1 or up to 5 circuits. It’s only 7 minutes! Anyone can do it. I even use it while I watch movies!

2) Nike Training and Running (when 7 minutes is too easy): They’re 2 separate apps, but it is great when you want to challenge yourself. You can download awesome 30-minute workouts. They also have videos linked to it, explaining the different moves. No more excuses! And this is coming from me, the queen of “how am I supposed to workout if I can’t even get to the gym?”

3) Sleep Cycle (a slow way to interrupt your dream with Leo DiCaprio): It’s a smart alarm that stalks you during the night, and determines (by your movements) when it’s a good time to wake up. It is an awesome app. I feel well rested after I wake up. You can even use nature sounds to fall asleep, and your own music to wake up to (pick Enya!). You can change the time phases, too. The most recommended one is 30 minutes. It means, the app will pick the best time to wake you up, within the time to set the alarm. Ever since I’ve used it, I’ve been able to say goodbye to Iron Man during our battle to save the world (he knows now when I’m about to wake up). It’s like Inception, but with your own cliffhanger.

4) Lumosity (your brain wants to be fit, don’t ignore it): This is also one of the apps I’ve recently added. It basically trains your brain using different mind games. You can play on your computer, as well. It is free, but if you want more features, you can buy a membership. I’m getting so much better at the games, it’s incredible! Whether it will work in the long run, I’m not sure, but I’ll let you know!


1) Netflix (because TV sucks): No commercials, lots of shows and movies, you can pause and resume whenever you want. That’s it.


1) app (for brain farts/tantrums): Easy access to thousands of words. For an extra charge, you can upgrade to more dictionaries (they gotta make a profit somewhere)

2) WordPress: he he he


250744_10150928604318480_677399575_n^^^ Here’s a picture of a penguin trying to hypnotize you.

Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today!



I’m sure it happens a lot, but how do your conversations in the ‘real world’ compare to the ones in social media?

I’m a very talkative in person. I have so much energy, my co-workers have banned me from drinking coffee. You know, sometimes I even joke and tell them I am drinking coffee, when I’m drinking tea. You should see their faces! Enough horror for the next 1200 Halloweens.

I only talk a lot with people I’m comfortable with. Otherwise, my answers are short and polite. However, when it comes to social media, my lack of words defines my replies, even with my closest friends (depends on the situation, though). Well, I guess this blog doesn’t count. I do have a lot to say here. Haha.

But when you do reply online, do you do it the way you would in the real world? I guess you wouldn’t say ‘LOL’ or ‘BHAHAHA’. Can you imagine how it would sound? I do have to admit, there have been times where I’ve been tempted to say ‘LOL’ instead of laughing (that’s when I joined Facebook Anonymous). Oh, the horror! I’m quite surprised of the things I say or do not say.

In the real world vs Social Media. The conversations, I’ve seen/heard.

Photo of a cat, in the real world: Awww, that’s cute! I want one!

Photo of a cat, in social media: THAT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER, OH MY GOODNESS!! LIKE I’M SOO EXCITED. I CAN SHOW YOU MORE!!! =posts gallery of cat pictures=

Photo of your favourite celebrity, in the real world: Oh I know him/her! I’ve seen all his/her movies. Quite good looking! =drool=

Photo of your favourite celebrity, in social media: Ohhhh myyy gooodness!!! What an awesome piece of meat!!! I’m ovulating!!! (if you do ovulate).

Ovulating? Who would say such thing, right? (ahem ahem ahem). Fine, I confess. I’ve been guilty of saying such things in social media, but not in public (unless I whisper it).

Pay attention to how you behave online and offline, you’d be surprised of the things you wouldn’t dare to say online 🙂



^^^This is not a picture of a celebrity, but it is of a seagull that thinks it’s a celebrity.


Of course! The world sort of rules me today!