Through the eyes of my childhood series: Chapter One – Hiding

We all have one thing in common; we were all children. It amazes me at the things I used to do when I was little, and how many of those things have followed me into adulthood. I’ve decided to start these new series called, “Through the eyes of my childhood.” I want to share with you the things I did when I was little, either from memory or the stories my parents have told me. I guess I’m also hoping you experienced the same, so I won’t seem like a lunatic.

First of all, one thing you need to know about me: I don’t drink coffee, because it’s as if I had natural caffeine running through veins on a daily basis. I’m like a possessed squirrel that was possessed by the Tasmanian devil that was possessed by the Road Runner. What I’m trying to say here is that I’m a hyper/happy person. Based on the stories I’ve been told, I used to be the same when I was little. I don’t know if I was a hyper/happy fetus, but it’s best if I don’t ask right now.

One of my favourite things to play was hide-and-go-seek. That game was the easiest for me to play; you just needed to know how to hide and how to find someone. It’s sad that nowadays, the only time I’d play this game would be if I were being chased by a creep, dinosaur, or a zombie. There were moments when I played by myself or with my sister (she’ll tell you I mostly teased her, but don’t listen to her), or I simply hid in order to escape into my own daydreaming world.

My favourite hiding place was my closet. I shared a room with my sister and the closet was big enough for us to fit inside. I sat inside to play with my stuffed animals and dolls. I was afraid of the dark, so I never closed the door, unless I wanted to tease my family. There was an instance when my mom was in the kitchen and I decided to hide in the closet (without telling her I was going to hide) until she figured I was gone and went all over the house to find me. In my mind, it was just a game, but in her mind it was a heartache. In my mind I probably went, “How was I supposed to know she thought I was lost? After all, I knew where I was.” But, she probably knew where I was and just played along. I mean, when I was 2 years old, I unlocked the front door and ran, so she was used to me playing tricks on her all the time (that’s another story I’m gonna tell later).

Nowadays, I have a thing for closets, because they are a great place to hide from reality (or a robber). I have a wooden shelf where I sit and play on the ipod, read, or imagine stories. I’m still waiting to go to Narnia, so perhaps it is my way to prepare for when it happens…I mean, IF it happens. Hey, I can dream 😉

Now I ask YOU, what was YOUR favourite place to hide?



Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today!

Faith in humanity restored!!

I want to share this with you!

So, I sent my mom a package in the mail – yes, yes, I still love snail mail – but, a couple days ago, she told me it hadn’t arrived, yet. It was odd, because it was supposed to arrive a week and a half ago (she doesn’t live in Jupiter, you know). I sent it through regular mail, and I was hoping the mail people weren’t having a few laughs with the package. I was thinking of many scenarios; they gave it to the aliens, they were using it as a flying disc, they were laughing at the fact I sent it through regular mail. What if I had to do a claim? They’ve been awesome in the past, and I wasn’t ready to be disappointed. I actually imagined them telling me something like this:

Post office: Oh, your package? Sorry to tell you, we used it a placemat, because you sent it through regular mail – we know you’re on a budget. But, we’ll definitely make sure it arrives to its destined place in the next few days. Hey! You’re on a budget, this will just be like waiting for your mid-month cheque.

I wasn’t angry. I was worried. I sent my mom one of her favourite animal calendars! That meant something to me. I looked for the receipt, and was going to call if the package didn’t arrive this week. But, I talked to my mom and she told me the package finally arrived! So, why did it take so long? Well, it was MY fault!!!! You see, I wrote her address incorrectly. -_-‘

Now, this is when my faith in humanity was restored. Instead of returning the package to me, the mail man tried to figure it out on his own, and asked her neighbours to help with the address. He eventually corrected it and delivered the package to her.

So whoever you are mail man, thank you! Not only did my wallet let out a sigh of relief, but who knows if the packaged would’ve gotten lost, had I sent it again! Thank you for your kindness!

Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today!