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Short Story: Laura’s Closet – Part Three

Just a little background about this story. I was inspired by a conversation with 2 of my friends, during my vacation in Vancouver :). I started writing it last week. I’m giving the readers a bit of time before I post the other parts, so you can all catch up!

If you haven’t read the first 2 parts of this short story (both links open in a new window), here they are:

Laura’s Closet – Part One

Laura’s Closet – Part Two

Laura’s Closet – Part Three

Laura’s attempts to contact her friends were disappointing; all her calls went straight to voicemail. She tried to desperately write everything she had gone through, just in case her memories started to fade. “Hello, Mother Nature? Are you there? Can you hear me? Please, come!” She shouted.

For all she knew, everything could have been a dream. She sat on her bed and talked to herself. “Ok, maybe it WAS a dream. It really happened, but it happened in a dream. Alright, I’m not making any sense”. She started pacing around the room, coming up with explanations in her mind – none of them led to anything. “If I sleep, I might see her. But, she has control over the weather, so if I go outside and shout her name, she might come? No wait, people will think I’m insane. I don’t know what to do!” she whined.

But, she took a nap anyway, to try and make contact with Mother Nature. She was the type of person who didn’t like to feel useless. She had to keep occupied. She awoke a couple of hours later, feeling restless and still without answers. However, she saw she had two voicemails, from Alliese and Sonia. “Finally, now we’re getting somewhere,” she positively thought.

She invited them over to her place for tea. She made sure to get her box filled with a variety of organic teas, and a box of ladyfingers. At the last minute, she quickly grabbed a bottle of red wine, she had been saving for extraordinary occasions – this was it. After all, she wasn’t sure of how they were going to react to her situation. It was black or white to her; either they understood and supported, or they supported and had her committed to an institution.

She heard the intercom and let them in. Alliese and Sonia were very happy to see her, but Laura couldn’t hide her confusion under the fake smile she forced herself to make.

“Ok, what’s wrong?” Asked Sonia.

“Nothing.” Laura responded.

Alliese knew her better than to go back and forth with Laura, trying to get the scoop of whatever she was hiding. She went straight to the table and opened the bottle of wine, poured three glasses, gently grabbed Laura’s arm and led her to the sofa. “Okay, spill, spill it all, spill the beans, the cookies, spill it all except for the wine” Alliese told her. Laura let out a chuckle, and she knew she had to tell them. “Alright, but hold on to that wine glass,” she comfortably sat on the sofa.

“Wait, how come when it was ME who asked if something was wrong, you didn’t say anything?” Sonia asked.

“That’s because I opened the wine. Everyone knows wine is a secret spiller,” Alliese said.

“Fair enough, but I’m still upset,” Sonia added.

“You won’t be after I tell you what happened,” Laura interrupted.

She proceeded to tell them about her hike and her encounter with Mother Nature.  “There! Now say it, I’m crazy, right?” Laura took three sips of wine and waited for a reaction. She did not get any reactions for a bit. Instead, she saw their owl-like eyes fixated upon her, for a good five minutes. It seemed like they were in some sort of trance, but she figured it was the wine that added the extra effect.

“Well…?” She asked them.

“You are right. We need to send you to a mental institution,” Alliese said.

“Sadly, I agree,” Sonia added.

Even though, part of her thought this would happen, Laura wasn’t expecting it to be so sudden and cold. Alliese and Sonia stood at the same time; Sonia went to the kitchen, and Alliese grabbed her cell phone. Seeing this, Laura was getting agitated. She thought it wasn’t fair that, they didn’t even try to process it. They just stared at her for five minutes.  “Maybe you need time to process it. I know this is all very weird!” She yelled at Alliese, who seemed to be on hold on the phone. But, before she could respond to Laura, she began talking to someone on the other line. “Yes, I’d like a large with spicy sausage, pepperoni and green peppers…”

Laura was confused, why was Alliese ordering pizza? This whole time she thought she was calling all the mental institutions, to see which one would take her, as soon as possible. Alliese hung up, but before she could speak, Sonia reappeared with plates and napkins.

“Wait, what? What’s going on? I’m confused, Alliese. Weren’t you calling specialists?”Laura said tensely.

“Do you think we would? Oh my goodness, Sonia, are you hearing this? I knew she would think, we’d have her committed!” Alliese laughed.

“But, you said…” Laura paused.

“Yes, but I was joking. Well, we were joking. I can’t believe you actually fell for it, ha ha. I was just trying to ease the tension you seemed to be having,” she laughed.

Laura didn’t feel like being part of a joke, but she admitted to herself that it was a good one. These were her best friends, why would she think they would send her away so quickly? She was relieved that she wasn’t going anywhere. Even if they ended up thinking she was insane, at least she had more time to convince them otherwise -Or to convince herself she wasn’t crazy. There was still a chance she was.

Once the pizza arrived, they brainstormed ideas on how to use this new “power”.  A lot of questions poured over their table. “Have you thought of creating your own weather channel?” Sonia suggested.  They thought about it for a few minutes, but Laura mentioned what Mother Nature told her, that it was to find the answers to her deepest sorrows. She didn’t think her own weather channel would calm all the turmoil in her soul-whatever turmoil that was, she was still unsure of what it was.

Alliese suddenly had a thought in mind, “You know what we need to do? We need to come up with a name for Mother Nature. Calling her Mother Nature is just too tiring,” she said. Laura and Sonia cried with laughter, but stopped at the realization that she had a good idea. She thought it would be a good way to make her seem a bit more human to them, and make her visit seem a bit less chaotic.

“How does Melissa sound?” Laura said.

“Too common,” Sonia answered.

“That’s the whole point, isn’t it?” Laura asked.

After a list filled with a hundred names, they finally agreed that Mother Nature’s nickname would be, Elena. The three friends seemed happy about it, and went back to brainstorming. Laura thought about the weather and how in the morning, she seemed to have picked the right outfit without thinking. Suddenly, an idea popped in her mind. “So, how about a blog?” she asked. They paused for a couple of minutes, looking at each other back and forth. It looked like they were getting somewhere.

A blog just about the weather sounded too simple, and they wanted to take it one step further. “Not just a weather blog, but about fashion!” Laura said. But, she wouldn’t let her friends respond. Instead, she shouted ideas out loud, that caught their attention. “We’re not just going to talk about the weather. We will simply suggest fashion trends for daily wear, based on weather prediction. In fact, we shouldn’t even talk about the weather. We’ll just write about outfits people should wear each day, that will be accurately appropriate for the day’s weather,” Laura explained.

And so, the idea started to become a reality in their minds. Alliese was going to help with the web design, Sonia was going to help with the editing, Laura was going to predict the weather, and they were all going to come up with fashion ideas. All they needed is a name for the blog. They decided on using Laura’s name, because “Elena” did mention this was to be a learning experience for her. And so they came up with the name, “Laura’s Closet”.

-End of Part Three-

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Short Story: Laura’s Closet – Part Two

Here’s Part Two of Laura’s Closet. If you haven’t read Part One, you can do so here:


Laura’s Closet – Part Two

 She felt the woman’s presence behind her, but refused to turn around. Instead, while lying on the ground, she put her hands together, and placed her chin on top. She took deep breaths and asked questions,

“Who are you? What do you want?” She asked.

“I’m not here to hurt you. I understand my introduction wasn’t the best…” But before Mother Nature could finish, Laura interrupted.

“You think? What else did you want me to think, whoever you are? To welcome, what felt like my imminent death, with open arms?” She yelled.

“Of course not, but please turn around. I’m here to help you,” she said.

She had two options; one was to stay on the ground – probably forever- or oblige and turn and find out what she wanted, and who she was. She chose the latter. She slowly stood up, still with her back facing the woman.

“Do you promise not to kill me if I turn? I mean, if you do intend to kill me, at least explain what the reason is,” she told her.

“I’m not going to hurt you,” she calmly tried to ease the situation.

“Okay, here it goes. Ok, I’m ready. I’m going to slowly turn around,” she thought, trying to reassure it was safe to do so.

She turned around and was face to face with this woman, except, she couldn’t see her.

“Are you serious? After everything you put me through, I can’t even see you?” she angrily said.

“You can still hear and feel me. I’m everywhere. In the trees, on the grounds, in the birds’ songs,” she explained.

“God?” she questioned.

“No, my gifts are not that great. I’m Mother Nature, dear.” She affirmed.

The initially shock made her question whether or not, she in fact died at the hands of a murderer, and now was hallucinating, on her way to the afterlife.

“I’m definitely dead. I’m hearing ‘beings’ that are not there. How long have I been…well…deceased?” She asked Mother Nature.

At this point, Laura started to find the situation a bit amusing – probably, because she was in shock.

“At least it was quick. I mean, clearly I didn’t feel any pain, just fear. Oh this is great!” She started to laugh.

Mother Nature knew she wasn’t going to get to her anytime soon, but she tried anyhow.

“Dearest Laura, I know this is not easy to believe. I don’t know how long I can try to convince you, that you are NOT dead.”

Instead of going in circles, trying to help Laura understand the reality of what happened, Mother Nature appeared to her in human form. She was wearing a grey top with khaki-coloured pants, and black boots. She figured she would dress the same way Laura would, and not as a stereotypical supernatural angelic being, that wears white and carries a yellow aura.

Mother Nature was right; Laura seemed to have come out of the shock. At least enough to make her listen to what she was about to say. Once she was sure Laura was well enough to pay attention, she said to her:

“I’m about to grant you with a great opportunity. You’ve been searching for an answer to your deep sorrows, and now it’s time for you to search for what you mostly desire”.

Laura was attentive; already coming up with all the possibilities she could be given. Maybe it was a new wardrobe, or a new job. But before she could say anything out loud, Mother Nature raised her left hand.

“I’m not going to give you my power, but I’m going to give you the ability to accurately predict the weather,” she said as a bright light beam was released from the palm of her hand.

“How is that going to help me?” Laura asked.

She did not get an answer. Instead, she collapsed to the ground, and awoke the following day in her apartment.

She clearly remembered her encounter with Mother Nature. Even though, she was a bit skeptic, she still found energy to get up and go to work. Surprisingly, it didn’t take her long to decide what to wear; it’s as if she knew without thinking. She grabbed her umbrella on her way out, and walked out. But, as soon as she stepped outside of the building, heavy rain started to fall. One of her neighbours appeared behind her.

“This is a lot of rain. I should go back for an umbrella. Why is it that no one can predict such weather?” He said.

Laura paused for a moment.

“I know, right? Perhaps, we need Mother Nature to run the weather channels for us,” she laughed.

“Ha! I wish we had such luck. Well, at least you’re wearing the proper outfit. Have a nice a day!” He said as he went back inside the building.

She thought it was too much of a coincidence that she just happened to wear the proper outfit, without reading the weather, as she usually would do. She decided to believe what happened with Mother Nature was true, but was still unsure of the significance of it all. How this new ‘power’ was going to help her fix her inner troubles was beyond her. So, she decided to call in sick, and arrange a meeting with Alliese and Sonia. She had to figure this out somehow, even if it meant telling her best friends what happened. After all, Mother Nature never said she couldn’t tell them.


-End of Part Two-

© Ellie and My name is Ellie and this is who I am, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to  Ellie and My name is Ellie and this is who I am, with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. In addition, ‘Shares’ on social media may be used, providing full and clear link/credit is added.