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Inspirational – A to Z Challenge

A to Z Challenge letter: i



This is why I created this blog. I want to pass on the inspiration and help others feel worthy. The only reason I am who I am today is because of all the people who have inspired me since birth. I am not 100% positive all the time, I cry, I laugh, I love, I grief, but I am at a point in my life where I do want to strive to regain all hopes and help others overcome their own fears. It’s easy to dwell in sadness, believe me, to this day I still grieve the loss of my grandparents, the constant trips my dad took during my childhood, the heartbreaks, the lost friendships, my pet hamster, and other struggles I have faced. But, that is all the negative side, and I remember the positive time that created a great balance during my life. For every despair, there were lots of loved ones who showed their genuine support, and friends who were straight forward when I needed them to be.

It is a hard battle to remain positive, but it is not impossible to win. There will always be negative moments to try to keep me down, because that’s exactly what negativity does. I am strong, but sometimes I lack the confidence to believe I am very strong. It happens, right? It is tempting to blame yourself for misery, but if you dwell in it for long, you begin to believe it. Don’t we all want to feel good? Live a happy life? I know I do, and I will keep fighting for my own happiness, even if there are others who will try to tear me down. You should do this, as well. Be happy and confident about who you are, and help others through your anecdotes.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Daily Prompt: Fight the Power

The Daily Prompt for today: Tell us about a time when you fought authority and took a stand against “the man.” Did you win?


I was in elementary school, I think Grade 3 or 4. We had a new P.E. teacher and I remember feeling uneasy when I was near her, but I didn’t say anything about it. As a P.E. she was supposed to coach us, and teach us about healthy habits, I get that, but this “teacher” pushed things to the extreme. She was hard on us and we were less than 10 years old! I don’t remember (thankfully) too much of what we endured, but I do recall trying to reach the level she expected us to, in fear of being sanctioned. We didn’t really say much to our parents, just that the class was “tiring and tough,” because we ended up believing the regiment was appropriate.  I remember one day, we arrived and she told us our nails were a bit longer than they should be and she made us cut them with SCISSORS.  So, when I got home I told my mum what had happened and she was appalled. In fact, she and other mums were starting to get concerned even before that incident. Everyone got together and got her fired. I haven’t asked my mum what happened afterwards, but after that incident, we didn’t see her ever again.

Please remember not to ever push yourself to the point where you degrade yourself, and do not let anyone do this to you. Challenges are meant to help you, encourage you, unveil positive horizons in your life, not make you believe something you do not deserve.



❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤


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My third blog nomination! Thanks for everything bloggers :)

Before I say anything regarding the nomination, Leo the penguin decided to play on my laptop! He probably thought I wasn’t going to notice what he posted :p.


Fellow bloggers are being extremely kind to me :). I have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Out of the well. Check out her blog, it is an awesome blog full of inspiration and helpful posts! I will accept this award (as well as the first two I was nominated for), because I want to promote other blogs, and thank everyone for their support. I don’t know if I’ll accept more, as I don’t want to feel like I’m spamming, so we’ll see. But, it makes me so happy that other bloggers like to read what I have to say and feel inspired by my posts. My objective is to inspire others. Thank you very much for everything! Now onto the best part, the questions, the answers, and my nominees.

What are five passions you have?



-Drinking tea


-Watching Lord of the Rings, Titanic and Jurassic Park on a monthly basis


What are the top three things on your bucket list?

-Publish my novel

-Visit Europe, New Zealand and Australia

-Build a library like the one in Beauty and the Beast


What is your favourite book and why?

Lord of the Rings. I love Tolkien’s work, but I have to pick The Lord of the Rings. It has helped me escape my reality and motivated me to write my novel, because nothing is impossible when you write Fantasy. I like to think Tolkien actually visited Middle-Earth and that Middle-Earth does exist, because he wrote in such detail that it made me believe.


Who is your favourite author and why?

J.R.R Tolkien, because his eloquent way of writing and the ability to bring the characters and story to life, made me fall in love with his work. After him comes the works of Stephen King, Susan Moody, J.K. Rowling, C.S Lewis, and Jane Austen,


What is your favourite movie and why?

Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Titanic and Jurassic Park. Well, I like a lot of movies, but those are the ones I watch the most. I have to admit I love LOTR more than The Hobbit. Each movie gives me hope, inspiration and an escape from reality. LOTR has a bit of everything, Titanic is a love and tragic story, and Jurassic Park…well, who doesn’t love dinosaurs? I would love to have a pet Velociraptor. 


Do you have a good memory?

Thankfully, I have lots of good memories. I remember one Christmas, my grandparents joined us for our Christmas Eve dinner. My sister and I were so young and we wanted to give them something. Instead of asking my parents for money, we decided to wrap our favourite stuffed animals and gave them to them. You know me by now, I love stuffed animals, and if I give a stuffed animal as a gift, you know you’re in my extremely good list! I remember the look on their faces, they were genuinely happy! I will never forget that night. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away in 2007 and my grandpa passed away in May of last year.


Do you remember your dreams?

Yes, I definitely do. Sometimes I remember most details, but I remember the overall scenario. My dreams play an important role in my inspiration to continue writing my novel. Sometimes my dreams are so vivid, I have a hard time distinguishing them from reality. It also doesn’t help that I can lucid dream :p


Have you ever kept a journal?

Yes! When I was little I used to write my anecdotes in the form of a fantasy story. I did it as a way to prevent others from reading my journal/diary :p.


What is your best quality?

I’m a positive person.


Do you have any pets?

Sadly, no. I don’t have time to care for any. My last one was a pet hamster named, Viggy Sidney. I’ve talked about him on this blog 🙂


What is your MBTI personality type?

I took the test and my results were: ENFJ. So according to the results, this is me:

In general, ENFJs are charming, warm, gracious, creative and diverse individuals with richly developed insights into what makes other people tick. This special ability to see growth potential in others combined with a genuine drive to help people makes the ENFJ a truly valued individual. As giving and caring as the ENFJ is, they need to remember to value their own needs as well as the needs of others.


Here are my nominees, and my questions for them. 

My nominees:

1) Cats at the Bar – this is such a cute and funny blog!

2) Diary of an Aspiring Writer – Her posts are good!

3) Flux and Flow – She’s brave and inspirational!

4) The life of… – I enjoy reading her posts.

5) Inga Photography – awesome photos!


The questions

1) When did you decide to create a blog?

2) What languages do you speak?

3) 2 dinosaurs walk into a Deli _________  complete the sentence

4) You’re being sent to an island for 5 years. You are given water, bread, and tuna, and you get to choose one more item. What do you choose?

5) If you could bring someone from the past, who would that be?

6) Share a very random fact about your life

7) Do you write more than you read?

8) What is your dream destination?

9) Who is your role model? If you have one.

10) If you didn’t blog, what would you be doing?

11) They say if you stare at the ceiling for 2 seconds, you’ll see the object you desire…

…ha ha made you look!


Again, I am very thankful for all of you :). Keep on being awesome :D.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Home – A to Z Challenge

A to Z Challenge letter for today: H




What is home? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no …wait, wrong song! But, yes I do want to talk about this. What is home? It is hard to see during hardships, but it is always there and we often find our way after we drift away. The beauty of this question is that there is no correct and definitive answer, because we all have different views on what home means to us. It doesn’t necessarily mean that home is one thing during a specific time and place, it is whatever we want it to be. I love tea, and after a long day at work home is sitting in front of my laptop, drinking tea, and catching up with everything. Other days, however, I find my home inside the bed sheets while I watch my favourite movies, or I feel comfort just munching on popcorn while I watch Charmed. How about Photography? Of course, that can be home, as well. Painting my nails, doing my hair, talking on the phone, writing on here, my home is universal.

When we feel down, we seek to do the things that cheer us up, and that is home. There are no boundaries to what makes us feel at home, and no one can take it away from us, nor should we let anyone do so. All of us here have something in common, we call WordPress our home; we feel at home because we love to write and inspire. Let yourself be lost in your own serenity and always appreciate the fact you have a home, literally everywhere. Home is where you feel safe, where you feel comfort, and where you forget your troubles. Always remember not to choose the path of self-destruction, because once you get lost in it, it will be hard (never impossible) to find your way back home.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Overcoming my fear of bugs…as told by gifs

I saved a bug today and threw it outside…or so I thought (read HERE) .  Well here’s how it went, as told by GIFs. Credit for the GIFs goes to: and


1) I asked myself, why me, and why my room?


2) I wasn’t afraid, but I still cried a little inside. I knew I had to overcome this and be done with it.


Cry Baby

3) So, I masterminded a plan and attacked…I mean I trapped the bug in a bag

4) I thought I had trapped it and went outside to release it, but when I came back I saw it on the wall again. I was crushed (okay, I’m exaggerating).


5)) I was mostly confused. I thought for sure it was in the bag I used. What the heck, bug?

Confused Gollum

6) But I just went “whatever” and didn’t let it get to me

7) I realized I finally overcame my fear of bugs! I guess it helped the bug didn’t bite.

The Highest of Fives

8) In the end, I did a little celebration dance

Crazy Dancing

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤


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Growing – A to Z Challenge

A to Z Challenge letter: G



My two posts today have been about Growing up. I like to believe you can grow in at least 3 ways; height, age, maturity. It doesn’t mean we all do our growing at the same time or we all get to achieve it. I don’t know when I stopped growing in height, I still want to believe I’m getting a bit taller every year :p. For the curious cats out there, last time I checked I was 5’3” (or 5’2”). I don’t really care about height, unless I’m trying to reach for something that is high; I don’t like to grab ladders, it’s too much work sometimes (talk about laziness). In reality,science says I won’t get any taller, but my hip bones might get wider, and if you want my honest opinion, I do not give a flying… yeah that word I never say (I don’t swear).

Having said that, it brings me to the topic of ageing, and that my friends is something we will do until we die, so we better try to get used to it. I’m not afraid to admit that I do feel a bit old sometimes, and I get scared of ageing, not because of wrinkles or who knows what I’ll get, but because I want to achieve every goal I have. I’m doing my best to meet my goals and I have achieved some dreams, but I want to be able to do them all. Apparently, I do not look 26. I still get carded (which is an ego boost I suppose) and people think I look 20. Perhaps, I will appreciate this fact more when I’m in my 40’s and people tell me I look 30. I’m sure my wallet will appreciate me not spending money on anti-ageing products. I may have stopped growing in height, but I will always grow in age, and that brings me to the topic of maturity.

Maturity isn’t easily achieved, and just because you get older does not mean you suddenly become mature. I’m going to speak for myself on this one, because I know everyone is different. I think one does not realize when we achieve maturity, because we never really do. That’s the beauty of it. Everyday we grow in a different way, and get thrown life lessons at us from every direction, thus changing our perspectives, and hopefully for a better us. Today, I overcame my fear of bugs, I still fear arachnids, but I overcame something today. I grew today. I learned to appreciate a bug’s life (so cute like the movie :p). I have definitely become more responsible and learned not to dwell in my own sorrows, because there is always something better out there. I do believe things happen for a reason, and as impatient as I may be, now I choose to wait, as opposed to digging myself in a hole of anxiety (oh the teenage early adult years). Maturity isn’t about a sudden change of who you are, it is about accepting that you deserve a good life and embarking on the path that you deserve.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Never in my life did I imagine this would be possible

That’s what I’m going to say when I meet Robert Downey Jr, but I’m not writing this post to talk about him. I hope he acknowledges me one day :p

Something great happened today, and I am not sure if this means I’m officially grown up or I appreciate some animals more than I used to. I semi-awoke early this morning to a weird noise by my ear. I did not think much of it, I thought it was a fly that got in my room. I went back to sleep and woke up and heard the same sound again. I was still in bed and turned to face the wall, and I saw a giant, well a big beetle crawling up to the window. I didn’t know it was a beetle at first, I just stared and went, “the heck is that thing?”

Do you want to guess what I did next? No, I didn’t kill it, ran, dance, cry or marry it. In fact, I wasn’t scared at all –okay, maybe I little bit — but I decided to lure it into a bag and throw it out in the grass. I used logic, the beetle or whatever creature it was didn’t bite me, therefore it was not dangerous, so I chose to let it live. If it was a spider, I would’ve killed it or used the vacuum. It was definitely not a ‘cute’ bug, but it is the first time I’ve let a bug live, so props to me for doing that :p. Oh, but it’s not over. Get ready for a plot twist! I came back from the front yard and while I was getting ready to go out, I noticed something crawling up another wall. It was back!!!!!!! I don’t know how the thing escaped, nor do I want to know just so I won’t have nightmares tonight, but it was back, like the Terminator. I was about to scoop it out with a dust pan, but it moved and I got scared, so I threw it against the door. I saw it land on it.

I knew where it was, so I went to the door to get it and, dun dun dun, it wasn’t there! It disappeared, and I am not joking. I had to be somewhere so I decided to let it go and deal with it when I came back. I didn’t see it again. Perhaps, it came back to thank me? I’d like to think so, just for the sake of not losing my mind. What if I imagined the whole thing? I was half awake after all. What if there were TWO? I’m confused. These bugs BUG me all the time, ha ha, see what I did there? No? No? Okay…

Arwen I thought (haha another Lord of the Rings pun, get it?) I was never going to get over my fear of bugs, I guess I finally did? About scooping out spiders, I don’t know if that will happen in the near future, but maybe there is hope :p. Bugs and Arachnids rejoice! Well, not arachnids just yet.

What is the moral of all this? It is possible to overcome fears, it feels weird growing up, and be kind to bugs, they may just thank you for it :p.


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤


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Daily Prompt: Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

The Daily Prompt asks: Tell us your tried and true techniques for focusing when that deadline looms and you need to get work done. In other words, how do you avoid wasted days and wasted nights?

First of all, I don’t drink alcohol, which is the enemy of any deadlines you need to meet. When I was younger, I would often wait until the last minute, and rushed into finishing work I should’ve started weeks or even months ago. I have learned my lesson. I have a different outlook in life now. Back in day it was an immature perspective, and I would try to excuse my failures on the usual “why am I doing this if I won’t use it in the future.” Today, I ask myself, “How can this help me?” And I do it. Depending on how long I have to finish work, I take a bit of time each day, and a lot of time during my days off to accomplish what I set out to do. You can bet Enya will be involved in the process, her music helps me concentrate. I think they key is to understand and remind yourself how can the work you’re doing help you grow as a person and in school/work, instead of complaining and deciding not to finish. There’s always something to learn and we must turn a negative into a positive. 


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Friendship – A to Z challenge

A to Z challenge letter for today: F




Friends do not last forever, we all know that, yet sometimes we take the good ones for granted. I guess it is in our turmoil of emotions where we get lost and forget to thank our friends for withstanding our rants. The good ones will remain by our side and help us pass the unexpected roadblocks. Do we take the time to be there for them? We do. Do we thank them all the time? Sometimes we forget. Subconsciously, we expect them to help us or stand in front of us and listen to our achievements and failures, and it isn’t our fault. However, it is in our friend duty to recognize whenever they may have surpassed  our expectations. Good friends do not ask for a reward, nor do they even ask for a gesture of gratitude, but inside them they want you to thank them. Respect your friends and do not help them because you have to, but because you love and care for them. This is a quick reminder that we DO have friends who love us, but we must return their selfless act and be good friends, as well.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Ellie’s catch up and Photography

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend has been awesome! I had a long, but wonderful day today, and the weather definitely helped! We finally had warm weather here in Ontario :). I’m very tired, so I’m not going to do a lot of talking (posting) today –I know, shocking — but I’ll share more photos with you :D! How awesome is that? I hope I’m GIMLI you (haha get it?) inspiration through these photos :). Enjoy, and have an awesome week everyone! See you tomorrow :D.




^^^ CN Tower’s reflection (find it)!

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤