Random Photo(s) of the Day #16 – Inside a water bottle

I was feeling curious, so I took photos of the inside of my water bottle full of water and ice! It’s amazing how something so simple can be transformed into a different world. My friend thought it was an ocean wave!



❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

Ellie’s Photography

Hello everyone! I know it is Monday and your hair is probably turning grey from the despair,  looks like tangled spider webs from whatever you did on the weekend, and you probably dozed on and off during the day…



…but, remember that there are only 4 days until the weekend! Let’s end your Monday on an inspirational note. Here are some photos to make you smile, and hopefully inspire you :).

Ta ta for now! And do not forget to share the love 😀

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Icy Roads, Icy Sidewalks – Ice Sheets of DOOM

Canada and parts of the U.S. are under an ice Apocalypse! Yes, I get it. It IS cold, but seriously, this is WINTER. Winter=cold. Winter is awesome! Are you telling me you don’t like it when, your furnace breaks and you have to sleep without heat for one night, and it is -14 C outside? Or seeing cars coming to life and putting on an ice skating show on the roads? It is free to watch. It’s like Survivor, but with clothing and more betrayal. Oh, and the BEST PART, when the temperature rises, it rains, and then Mother Nature decides to PMS on us and makes the temperature drop again, thus gifting us with free ice rinks for us to enjoy. You know, because in Canada, we don’t have enough ice rinks ;). Oh and that’s not all. Mother Nature gives you the silent treatment, and you are oblivious to what is happening out there. Yes, sure, you can always use common sense, but that isn’t useful when pre-menopausal Nature strikes at random times.

Earthlings: Let’s pour salt!

Mother Nature: Sure, but I’ll freeze it before it fully melts!

Earthlings: We’ll use machines. We’ll shovel!

Mother Nature: Freezing Rain!

Earthlings: At least send us a fresh coat of a 5 cm snowfall!

Mother Nature: 50 cm you say?

Earthlings: You suck

Mother Nature: Wind Chill Warning. High Speed Wind Warning!

Of course! The world still rules me.

PS: I wonder what penguins think about this? “Human World Problems”?

photo (1)




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