Kissing Kite – A to Z Challenge

A to Z challenge letter: K



Kissing Kite

“What on earth did you drink, Ellie?”

Hmm..tea? But hear me out, Kissing Kite is just a term I made up to explain the wonders of a majestic kiss. A kiss is the wonder of the soul, and kisses should always mean something positive. Kisses are not always romantic, they can also be friendly, you know kissing on the cheek as a greeting. But, the kisses I’m referring to right now are the romantic ones. The reason why is because you see a lot of people misusing kisses. As cheesy as it may sound, I think a kiss should make you feel like you’re above the clouds (you know, without the height fear), that your soul has been opened and flourished into a blossom of gratitude for love and life. Like a kite, a kiss must lift you up with the assurance of being taken care of by someone who admires who you are. It doesn’t mean being tied down and held by someone, what I mean to say is that a kissing kite must involve someone who will hold your hand and guide you (and vice versa). “But kites can fly away,” yes, but not always. That’s what amazing about that feeling, because once you are up there in love heaven, you would have envisioned everything that life had to offer. You would have been where not everyone has been before, and if you float away from a lover, rest assure you’ll appear in someone else’s life, who will take better care of you. A true kissing kite should not make you regret those kissing moments, instead it should make you appreciate the moment you drifted away (well, unless you didn’t then you just keep kissing and be grateful for it), because you have embarked into a different adventure. Do not kiss out of fear of being lonely, but do so out of love, because you deserve a kiss that is and feels everlasting.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤


A reign of denial

melting your soul

in incandescent fire

destroying your thoughts

by infinite Shadows.


Logic and purpose questioned

covered in a bandage of despair and regret

breathless and paralysed

falling into an abyss of Shadows.


Songs of sorrow shatter hopes

cementing its vile without warning

through shameless lament

sent from the Shadows.


Away they must go

alone I feel the need to be

stop crashing onto me

let them take me, these Shadows.


Tears down your cheeks

why are you not listening

will they help me

what if they take them?

these are Shadows.


If reaching your hand will vanish them

why am I reluctant?

You can’t transform me

these are powerful Shadows.

If I must trust, I could try

but you must pull me fast

from the Shadows.


It is safe, but why are you covering my eyes?

I promise, I will not look back.

 your hand has vanquished,

the Shadows.


You have conquered,


We have conquered,

the Shadows.


Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today

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