Special ways of greeting and inside jokes. Got any?

I have to say I have different ones with my friends, and it’s funny to see the look on other people’s faces when they don’t get what we’re saying :p. Of course, we explain to them so they won’t feel left out, but it’s funny anyway. Here a few of my inside jokes and greetings I have with my friends:

1) One of my friends got the song, ‘I will survive’ stuck in my head for a while. Since then, every time we see each other, it goes like this:

Friend: I will survive…

Me: …hey, hey!


2) I have a friend with whom I speak in LOTR code.

Me: Could you GIMLI a second?

Friend: Sure, ARWEN you come back, could you…?


3) One of my best friends loves monkeys as much as I love penguins, so this is us:

Me: Hello, your monkeyness

Her: Hey, penguinista!


4) I don’t know how it all started, but I always call my sis, “ladybug”. I’m still trying to remember why :p.

How about you?