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The beach and childhood

I love marine life, the ocean, sea shells, anything that has to do with water. However, tot only am I not an excellent swimmer, but I haven’t swum in the ocean for quite a while. There is no specific reason as to why, but I think it’s because I like to sit and appreciate the beauty, instead of invading it. I still submerge my feet, just not my entire body. Perhaps, it’s due to my positive childhood memories, and the good advantage I’ve taken of the beach. I don’t know. Maybe, I just got bored of it. After all, I grew up going to the beach and I even went camping on the beach.

My best friend and I used to go to the beach with our mums when we were little, and one day we went to this beach known (but unknown to us) for its high waves. Our mums were getting lunch ready and my friend I went by the shore to collect sea shells and rocks. Being the risk-takers that we were, we decided to go in a bit deeper but we faced our backs towards the waves so we could see our mums. Sure enough, they noticed we were too close to the waves and asked us to go back to the shore, but before we could there, a big wave approached. I remember looking under my legs and my eyes bulging. I yelled, “run” but before we could get ashore, the breaking wave caught up with us. It wasn’t a humongous wave, but it looked very big to us.We were fine, and we laughed it off after the initial scared faded.

One of my favourite memories is walking on the beach with my late grandparents. We used to buy ice cream and walk on the sidewalk and sand. I remember my grandma and I used to laugh at the fact my grandpa and sister took forever deciding which ice cream to buy.  My grandpa and I would go to the rocks and stone skip into the water. I, of course, picked up the heavy ones because I loved the rippling effect they made in the water. Usually, there weren’t a lot of people nearby, so it was safe to do it. One of the most vivid memories I have of them. I even recall the smells! 

Do you have any good memories of the beach?

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Villain – A to Z Challenge

A to Z challenge letter: V



I tried to be one in high school, but did it work? Nope, it was a complete failure (I thought dyeing my hair purple made me evil). I don’t think I’d ever become a villain, and if I ever become one, I’d turn out to be a confused one. In all honesty, I’m one of those people who think they could use dark powers for the good of mankind. Could that be possible? Let’s think about a moment in our lives where we could have turned to the dark side. For me, I did have a chance to make fun of others, and for a second I wanted to, because they had done it to me before. I wanted to make fun of those who teased me. I thought I could use their evil power to turn it against them. But, revenge is an evil power of its own. You can’t obtain an evil power and use it to do good. Evil powers are a repeated cycle that wraps your mind and body in darkness. It feeds on its host until one cannot find a way back. So, would I suck as a villain? At first, yes, but there would a point of no return, and my goodness would fade until I recognize myself no more. So, I’ll just stay on the good side, being a villain seems like too many worries.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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A creature that lurks in the corners of scalps. It does not have a specific target nor time when it strikes. It just becomes one of those days, a bad hair day. Oh, the horror! 

I try not to have bad hair days, but my hair has a mind of its own. I don’t use hairspray or weird chemicals, because it makes it ten times worse. To be honest, my hair can sometimes look better upon waking, than after I brush it. I keep my hair shoulder-length, so I won’t have to use hair bands. I use hair clips to keep in balanced, but most of the time I wear it loose and straight. My natural hair is curly, but after straightening for a long time, it has become wavy. I love it that way, but sadly it gets on the way of daily activities. For example, when I eat, my hair apparently gets hungry, too and finds its way on my food. Totally gross, but hey, at least it’s MY hair and not others’.

My friends think I like to try different hairstyles throughout the day, but the truth is, my hair just morphs into different shapes, and it doesn’t matter whether I stay still or move -and you thought Medusa looked creepy- but I hope one day my hair will behave. The good news is, hats suit me, and hat hair seems to keep my hair on a time-out for a moment.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Inspirational – A to Z Challenge

A to Z Challenge letter: i



This is why I created this blog. I want to pass on the inspiration and help others feel worthy. The only reason I am who I am today is because of all the people who have inspired me since birth. I am not 100% positive all the time, I cry, I laugh, I love, I grief, but I am at a point in my life where I do want to strive to regain all hopes and help others overcome their own fears. It’s easy to dwell in sadness, believe me, to this day I still grieve the loss of my grandparents, the constant trips my dad took during my childhood, the heartbreaks, the lost friendships, my pet hamster, and other struggles I have faced. But, that is all the negative side, and I remember the positive time that created a great balance during my life. For every despair, there were lots of loved ones who showed their genuine support, and friends who were straight forward when I needed them to be.

It is a hard battle to remain positive, but it is not impossible to win. There will always be negative moments to try to keep me down, because that’s exactly what negativity does. I am strong, but sometimes I lack the confidence to believe I am very strong. It happens, right? It is tempting to blame yourself for misery, but if you dwell in it for long, you begin to believe it. Don’t we all want to feel good? Live a happy life? I know I do, and I will keep fighting for my own happiness, even if there are others who will try to tear me down. You should do this, as well. Be happy and confident about who you are, and help others through your anecdotes.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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A quitter: I’m quitting writing (A to Z challenge)

April Fools’!!!! I got you, didn’t I? :D. I had to do it, it’s a tradition in my prankster world :p. NO, I am NOT quitting writing. Never. Ever. So, let’s breathe!

As you may have noticed, I started the topic with the letter ‘A’ and that is because today the A to Z challenge has commenced. I have decided that my theme will be Random but Inspirational. I’ve always wanted to inspire and help people, and I’m going to see if I can convey that message through this challenge without diverting from my blog’s theme of ‘This is who I am’. Today’s letter: and the topic isn’t about quitting, it is about A mirror.

A mirror of high self-esteem


As a little girl, I remember not being aware of how other people perceived me. I wore ponytails, an assortment of hair clips, and the then-popular stick-on earrings. My hair was well-groomed, my uniform was well-ironed, and every time I looked in the mirror, I smiled, I looked pretty. People taking pictures did not bother me, I would smile with food in my mouth, with mud all over my clothes, in the pool, while playing pranks on my sister, or while I watched my dad conduct experiments in the lab. I was assured by my family, relatives, and friends that I looked pretty. That’s what I heard all the time, and about everyone; my friends looked pretty, my plaid shorts made me looked pretty, my overalls made me awesome. I thought everyone was pretty…or so, I thought.

I was cunningly introduced to the low self-esteem demon. This self-awareness transition happened so subtlety, I didn’t realize I was becoming too aware of my self-image, until I was introduced to A mirror of high-self-esteem. I was at my best friend’s house for a sleepover, and it wasn’t until I was leaving that I noticed her front door mirror was “magical.” I looked into it and saw someone different, someone who had the body of a model. That can’t be me, I said to myself. But, my friend looked and she also looked like a supermodel. Why? We asked each other. The mirror was doing it, the mirror made us look more than half our size (literally). We giggled and named it, “the mirror of high self-esteem.” That was the moment I knew I had unconsciously been absorbing insecurities. If I was happy looking more than half my size, that meant I wasn’t happy with the way I looked. I became aware of how others were dressing, how they groomed, how they posed for pictures, and I forgot who I was. I didn’t like getting my picture taken, I had to “look good” in order for others to take my picture. I had become a trapped soul in the wrong world, where I thought I had to look a certain way. in order to be accepted and be pretty.

You know, it took a toll on me, so I threw it all away. It wasn’t from one day to another, but eventually, I stopped caring and became myself. I think I was myself all alone in the inside, and I was just trying to create a new shell on the outside. Of course, it left scars, and for a while I let myself be affected by others. Now, I just worry about looking clean, decent, and well-groomed, but for myself, not others. Yes, I still have insecurities, don’t we all? But, if I get a pimple, I don’t cry in my room for days. If I have a bad hair day, I flaunt it, I still go out. If you don’t like my hair, and that’s the reason you don’t want to be friends, then I don’t want you as my friend. Hey, when you go the Zoo, you don’t always like all the animals you see, right? Some like turtles, some like giraffes, but that doesn’t mean that they’re ugly if you don’t like them.

Everyone is beautiful, and I wish we could all be that kid who wasn’t afraid of anything, but the monsters under the bed (or closet). The one who’s not afraid to smile for the camera, to show off how good or bad they feel. Surround yourself with the right people, who will make you feel pretty every second of every day. You don’t need A mirror of high self-esteem to make you feel beautiful, but you should feel beautiful without looking into a mirror.


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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I have a thousand aunts

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A thousand is an exaggeration, but it feels that way, and it is an amazing thing. You see, these “thousand” aunts of whom I speak are not my biological aunts, but they are the fruit of an everlasting friendship that was formed during my mum’s school years. I’m not going to mention names nor ages, because what’s important is what their sentiments have shown me.

A lot of times we take our friendships for granted, and sometimes there are poisonous friendships worth abandoning. But what they have taught me is that a solid friendship is not impossible. I have many solid friendships myself, and you have no idea how tight I hold on to them; not because I have to or I’m afraid of being alone, but because of their tremendous value they have brought in my life’ just like my aunts. “Oh,  you’re exaggerating. I’m sure they’ve made you uncomfortable at some point.” In all honesty, absolutely not. They’ve always shown me their effectiveness of ushering my life with joy. It has been countless times that my thousand aunts have been there for me and my family ; they are my family. They saw me in mum’s belly, they saw me as a baby, and they saw me growing up. I visited them and their children many times; some were older than me and some were babies and I called them ‘cousins’. I remember one of them at my 6th birthday party, he was (I think) less than a year old; he’s now in his early 20’s! In addition, I recall a visit to another aunt when I was little, and her daughters introduced  me to the Curious George series (the old school ones). My aunts opened the doors for me to explore other worlds and languages (some of their children spoke German), and always reminding me of living life in quality and not quantity.

They have always had a positive impact in my life, and responded within seconds to any struggles I, my family, or other aunts have faced. They were there when my grandma passed away, and were there last year when my grandpa passed away. They’re like the A-Team, except with Aunts, or Guardian Angels if you want a different name choice. There was even a point when one of my aunts became my substitute Math teacher. Of course, I did get in trouble with her for talking too much (at this point, my mum was used to getting these type of phone calls), but she was gracious and during that time, I enjoyed Math –after she stopped teaching me, I disliked it again (typical).

What inspired me to write this post  is the current undeserving mishaps life has brought them lately. Without going into much detail due to privacy, I can say that it is related to grief and health issues. This is one of the ways I want to honour them. However, despite everything that is happening to them, they never break, but they show courage, kindness, and Faith. What a wonderful thing is to have people surrounding you, who are selfless, and act from their hearts to ensure YOU are well. They probably do not realize the impact they’ve had in my life (and others), but I can attest to the positive imprint that they have marked (and continue to do so) in this world, and I will pass on their legacy to my future generations.

I have a thousand beloved aunts, not in the literal form, but it sure feels like it, and that’s a good thing. I feel like I have a thousand aunts, because they’re walking angels who show that friendship is everlasting. They remind me of the goodness in the world and that love and true friendships still exist. Hold on tight to those you love and the ones who love you back, because eventually, their lives and our lives will let go of each other.

PS: This is my 100th post!


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Friends come and go, but true friendships last forever. It is no sufficient to acknowledge the presence of your current friends, but one must ensure you are not both taking each other for granted. Think about it as being a good plate of food. In order to achieve it, you need the perfect combination of seasoning, ingredients, and love. Friendships cannot be held without a mix of emotions and love. There is no such thing as a perfect friendship, but there is a true one, where you and others strive to bring the best out of each other. 

It is the flaws that help you discover new approaches for the present and the future. Life changes every second, and it is those failures that cause a shift into the right direction of a friendship; but, that is only if you don’t discard the friendship that’s worth saving. It is easy to throw away faded friendships, and sometimes you do have to, if they become toxic. However, you must not be afraid to try to rebuild that past friendship, if the only thing that stood in the way was a schedule conflict. 

We all take different paths in life in terms of following our goals, but we are all taking the same time path towards the future. Keep in touch, let your friends know you’re there, listen to them, laugh, cry, be silly, have fights and make up. A true friendship cannot evolve without a few bumps on the road. Redefine the core of the friendship, remember why you became friends and how, not why you’re friends in the present. It’s good to look into the past, but do not remain there. Instead, take from the past, live in the present, and brainstorm about the future. They say quality is better than quantity, and I definitely agree with that. Surround yourself with people who want and do what’s best for you. Every friend will bring a different spice into your world, and vice versa.

But, what about Acquaintances?

They are like signs you pass by on the road, they’re not meant to be a huge part of your life – which is why they are acquaintances – but, they’re there as a warning or a reminder of what will/could happen. Some of them might become your long-time friend, or even your long-time partner, but the only way to know is by paying attention to who they are, and who are they turning you into.

Just use your instinct, you’ll know who the right friend is for you. Get to know them, learn how they react and how they show their love to others. Everyone expresses their feelings in a different way; some are jokers, and some are sensitive, but they will all demonstrate why you mean so much to them, in a good and healthy way. Friends are not video games you shelf that you only pick when its convenient, nor are they trophies you collect and show off when it suits you. They’re the treasures you want to share. They fill you with so much enlightenment, you feel as though the world must know them. 

Friendships aren’t meant to fulfil your greed and envy, and it is not a selective contest. They’re magnets to your own good will, that end in the resolution of both of your quests in the seek of a lifelong unity.


Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today!

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Faith in humanity restored!!

I want to share this with you!

So, I sent my mom a package in the mail – yes, yes, I still love snail mail – but, a couple days ago, she told me it hadn’t arrived, yet. It was odd, because it was supposed to arrive a week and a half ago (she doesn’t live in Jupiter, you know). I sent it through regular mail, and I was hoping the mail people weren’t having a few laughs with the package. I was thinking of many scenarios; they gave it to the aliens, they were using it as a flying disc, they were laughing at the fact I sent it through regular mail. What if I had to do a claim? They’ve been awesome in the past, and I wasn’t ready to be disappointed. I actually imagined them telling me something like this:

Post office: Oh, your package? Sorry to tell you, we used it a placemat, because you sent it through regular mail – we know you’re on a budget. But, we’ll definitely make sure it arrives to its destined place in the next few days. Hey! You’re on a budget, this will just be like waiting for your mid-month cheque.

I wasn’t angry. I was worried. I sent my mom one of her favourite animal calendars! That meant something to me. I looked for the receipt, and was going to call if the package didn’t arrive this week. But, I talked to my mom and she told me the package finally arrived! So, why did it take so long? Well, it was MY fault!!!! You see, I wrote her address incorrectly. -_-‘

Now, this is when my faith in humanity was restored. Instead of returning the package to me, the mail man tried to figure it out on his own, and asked her neighbours to help with the address. He eventually corrected it and delivered the package to her.

So whoever you are mail man, thank you! Not only did my wallet let out a sigh of relief, but who knows if the packaged would’ve gotten lost, had I sent it again! Thank you for your kindness!

Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today!