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More flower centrepieces

This Spring/Summer I’m going to spend time doing old hobbies of mine; flower arrangements and painting. I’ll probably start with painting, but we’ll see! My life is hectic enough, and I don’t want to overwhelm myself with too many hobbies going on the same time :p. Here are more pictures of more centrepieces I’ve done :). 



❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤


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More of my flower arrangements

Hi everyone! I hope today was a good day :). I talked about one of my hobbies in another post, and I wanted to share more photos with you! These are centrepieces I made for events. Usually, I’ll make bigger flower arrangements for occasions like Mother’s Day, Birthdays, etc. Enjoy :). 



❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤



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Fellow Eastern Canadians, are we in Spring or not?

I’m just confused. Please, clarify this for me. Am I going crazy?

I feel like I’ve been through a time warp and back in winter. I woke up this morning, happy, confident, energetic, ready to wear my runners once again, only to find a fresh coat of snow in the front yard. Please, tell me we won’t be getting more snow! It’s been a very long winter and as much as I love building snowmen and falling on my bum on the slippery sidewalks, I do want to feel the sun shine on my face, I want to wear sunblock, I want to go to the store without wearing 10 layers underneath. I hope we don’t have such a terrible winter next time 😦

Mother Nature, please get the memo. Spring = flowers, sun, a bit of rain, dresses, NOT snow and freezing temperatures.

*singing* Winter, winter, go away, don’t come back another day

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Poetry: Heal


Delicacy of sweet lips

adorn my soul in glistening notes

beyond conundrum

on a path of petals

and windy salute


In the woods where branches meet

she carves her loss

with a punctured heart

and liberating sorrows 

she must try


Numb from all feelings

a beaming sun ray caresses her doubts

in conjunction with revelations

she faces the opposite

she finds a new horizon


Aboard her destiny she sets forth

glancing upon tomorrow

abandoning the sorrows

and dancing to no limits

she heals



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Random Photo(s) of the Day #12…with a Story Starter…and Ellie’s daily update

Hi everyone! I hope the new week has been treating you well! IF NOT, let me know and I’ll call upon my army of penguins.

I added a little something extra to the title, because my random photo post has turned into updates, as well. It’s okay, though. It spices things up over here :D.

I woke up thinking it was Monday, but I guess my brain played an April Fools’ joke on me :p. Today was a good day, I went for a long walk (it’s finally sunny in Ontario!), and wrote my first post for the A to Z Challenge. I have a huge craving for cinnamon rolls, so I’ll probably have an unhealthy breakfast tomorrow. I’m learning French using the app called ‘Duolingo’. I know the basics, and I started using the app about 3 months ago, but I’ve been neglecting it. I have a French background so it’s only fitting that I learn the language. I already speak Spanish, so that’s out of the way (also have a Spanish background). Here’s hoping one day I’ll translate some of my work in French!

Today’s photos are of the most wonderful thing, okay ONE of the most wonderful things, in my life…drum roll please…FLOWERS. I love flowers, preferably colourful ones, but I’m not picky. I also love it when bees do not fly around them. I use flowers to let people know I care, to show my love, gratitude, or as a random gesture. I really do not need an excuse to give out flowers; I even give myself flowers (as sad as that may seem). Enjoy these photos and hope you have an awesome Tuesday and/or Wednesday (depending where you live). Ta ta for now!

DSC08453 copy DSC08457 DSC08567 copy DSC08579 copy

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤


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Poetry: Watering Flowers

If I’m watering flowers

I ignore your place

I hesitate and deny my hearing

I cannot face my worst fear.


When our stares meet

our flawed desires vanish

our souls are in peril

I loathe the emotions

do not smear your darkness.


The birds sing misery

I feel the strong currents

the petals drop on my feet

I do not look back.


Stop looking, they sing

it will not return

my sentiments are drained

why is it lost?


Wailing lament

floating with grief

waiting to sink

waiting to crash

waiting to be whole again.



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Less judgement, more peace.

It is easy to judge. We judge, because we aren’t perfect. They judge us, because they aren’t perfect. And it is true, we can’t strive to be perfect, because that will never happen. But, we can delay any future judgements from our part, by striving to become better.

There once was a woman who decided to leave her warm lands and go on a journey. On her way, she passed by a village. It was fully decorated with bouquets of white and violet flowers. She saw a man picking up leaves, and asked him what was going on. He stared and walk away. She was taken by surprise by his rudeness, but kept walking.

Finally, she saw more villagers, but they were in such rush, she couldn’t even let out a whisper. She was getting frustrated. Why was this village full of rude people? She spotted a bridge and hoped to find polite villagers on the other side ( as if a bridge could divide manners).

She saw a woman sitting by a bench. Her eyes were swollen and red. She had obviously been crying. As she approached, she noticed a basket next to her. She would soon find out that there was a baby inside. But just as she was about to greet her, the woman looked a bit reluctant towards her. Then, she hastily walked away. Was she hiding something? Perhaps, she was about to do something to her infant? What ever it was, she had enough with the rudeness.

She kept on walking until she reached a strawberry farm. The farmer greeted her and offered her a sample. The berries were delicious. She asked about his life, and pointed out how great it was that his family helped. She was happy she
was finally talking to someone. She told the farmer about her ordeal with the village. He looked in disbelief and assured her the villagers wouldn’t do such thing. Although, he mentioned he hadn’t seen them for a while, due to being ill. After the conversation, she grabbed a basket full of fruit and decided to go back home.

She had to pass through the village once again, but this time everything was different. Two villagers greeted her with crowns of flowers and a basket full of bread. “These people are definitely crazy,” she thought to herself. She played along and kept walking. The grounds were covered in petals, there were tables and empty plates everywhere. But, before she could ask what happened, she saw the woman with her infant, this time in her arms. “Why is she smiling?” She asked.

Everything was out of control in her mind. Was she going crazy? She didn’t want to wait to find out. She spotted a villager cleaning the tables and asked what was going on. His story took her by surprise:

“You see the lady holding her infant? That’s Mrs. Robeson. The Robeson family have been a positive influence in this village. They helped me when my farm was destroyed. Mr. Robeson passed away a few weeks ago, and she is now alone with her daughter. It’s been hard on all of us, but mostly on her. She’s holding on for her daughter. So, we put together a celebration, and we gifted her with a flower shop that she always wanted to own. All of us villagers built it together. It’s the first time we’ve seen her happy since Mr. Robeson’s passing”.

She was almost in disbelief, but before she could let out the tears, she offered her basket full of goods. The villager thanked her for her kindness, and she continued her way home.

Before she got far, the villager stopped her, and asked her where she got the goods from. She told him about the farmer, and he said, “that’s not possible. They passed away a year ago.” She didn’t want to stir up a heavy conversation, so she said, “perhaps, I’m mistaken,” and she left.

“Thank you for the basket, young lady. You are very kind,” said the villager.

“Not as kind as you,” she whisper.





Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today!