Do you ever post real info on Facebook?

I love Facebook to pass the time and connect with friends – when we are too lazy to use our cell phones -, but I do worry about privacy. I guess nothing is private no matter where you go, unless it’s your own bathroom and you know for certain there are no hidden cameras. But, if you believe in ghosts, they are probably watching you. You are never ALONE. Scary, isn’t it?

Jokes aside (well, not really), I did a bit of digging on my Facebook profile and I came across my past workplaces. If you know me, my Facebook does not have accurate info regarding my workplace and name. When I’m adding new people, I just ask them to give me THEIR name, because they will never find me.

Here’s my job description I wrote 4 years ago (not when I joined Facebook):

Penguin warrior and sometimes ring bearer (read description) · May 2011 to present
The usual…we rise early, eat, battle Orcs, and try to destroy the ring of power. Frodo can be a bit bossy when he’s in a bad mood…geez, he can be possessive sometimes…He is aware that sometimes he’s under the ring’s spell, and when he’s under it…RUN! Seriously, how many times do we have to tell him that Sauron doesn’t love him, but the ring, before he wakes up from the spell? If it’s not true friendship the reason we’re sticking by him, I don’t know what is… Polishing the ring is NOT allowed.


I’m sure it happens a lot, but how do your conversations in the ‘real world’ compare to the ones in social media?

I’m a very talkative in person. I have so much energy, my co-workers have banned me from drinking coffee. You know, sometimes I even joke and tell them I am drinking coffee, when I’m drinking tea. You should see their faces! Enough horror for the next 1200 Halloweens.

I only talk a lot with people I’m comfortable with. Otherwise, my answers are short and polite. However, when it comes to social media, my lack of words defines my replies, even with my closest friends (depends on the situation, though). Well, I guess this blog doesn’t count. I do have a lot to say here. Haha.

But when you do reply online, do you do it the way you would in the real world? I guess you wouldn’t say ‘LOL’ or ‘BHAHAHA’. Can you imagine how it would sound? I do have to admit, there have been times where I’ve been tempted to say ‘LOL’ instead of laughing (that’s when I joined Facebook Anonymous). Oh, the horror! I’m quite surprised of the things I say or do not say.

In the real world vs Social Media. The conversations, I’ve seen/heard.

Photo of a cat, in the real world: Awww, that’s cute! I want one!

Photo of a cat, in social media: THAT IS THE CUTEST THING EVER, OH MY GOODNESS!! LIKE I’M SOO EXCITED. I CAN SHOW YOU MORE!!! =posts gallery of cat pictures=

Photo of your favourite celebrity, in the real world: Oh I know him/her! I’ve seen all his/her movies. Quite good looking! =drool=

Photo of your favourite celebrity, in social media: Ohhhh myyy gooodness!!! What an awesome piece of meat!!! I’m ovulating!!! (if you do ovulate).

Ovulating? Who would say such thing, right? (ahem ahem ahem). Fine, I confess. I’ve been guilty of saying such things in social media, but not in public (unless I whisper it).

Pay attention to how you behave online and offline, you’d be surprised of the things you wouldn’t dare to say online 🙂



^^^This is not a picture of a celebrity, but it is of a seagull that thinks it’s a celebrity.


Of course! The world sort of rules me today!