Special Occasions Cards

I love cards! In fact, I still keep a box of the most precious cards I’ve ever gotten! They’re cute, they’re glittery, they’re essential tools that remind you forever (unless you spill drinks or food on them), that you are loved.

Who doesn’t remember making cards in elementary school for your friends, acquaintances and ‘frenemies’. You know, because we still made get-well cards to those who stole our erasers, to the ones who picked our food even though, they had a whole banquet to themselves (is this why I loved food so much during my early teens?). I don’t remember ever being unhappy after receiving a card, unless it was written by someone I didn’t like, then I’d still find good use for them, like protecting my things from the rain. Have I overestimated the power of a good card?

Elementary school cards used to be so special, because I made them. I actually dedicated precious time (during Saturday morning cartoon commercials) into crafting beautiful masterpieces…okay, fine, I pretended I tried. Saturday morning cartoons, people!! A child’s Woodstock! But as the years went by, I noticed my cards  started to look more like an obligation ( if you didn’t see the ‘Hallmark’ logo, you knew it was bought at a dollar store). The text was printed, BUT I would still write on them. I thought it would show I took the time to think about them by writing a heartfelt message, “Happy Birthday! Take Care!” Man, did I ever make them cry whenever they read them! Now, it wasn’t always me who wrote these type of cards. I’ve also gotten my fair share of lazy-written-bad-karma-ridden cards:

“I’ve known you for so long!” – Really?

“Happy BDAY” – Woah! You ALMOST wrote the entire word! That’s gotta make me feel special!

“We’ve been BBFs for so long!” – I would’ve never guessed.

“You deserve to have an awesome time on this day!” – Just on this day? That’s it?

As I grew and became a beautiful, wonderful, talented, passionate, amazing, smart, person (wink), and cards became electronic (the trees and Ents rejoiced that day), it occurred to me that perhaps I should make an effort and show my loved ones they are worth taking time for. No, e-cards aren’t bad at all (and are great when you live far from your loved ones), but why not at least try to send both, or at least to the ones who live close to you? You don’t even have to buy expensive paper. You can recycle a magazine, make a collage and write on it.

Let’s face it, one day our speech will fail us, and we’ll be only able to write. Even our ability to write might fail us. Wouldn’t it be great to really leave an imprint of yourself on a card?

I still have cards from when I was little, and while those past friends don’t know I still have them, rest assure my future generations will be witness to how those old memories have been imprinted on these cards, and how at that point in my life, made me feel like a special occasion.

Of course! I do rule the world today 🙂