Time to check your phone

How many of you thought, when you read ‘check your phone’, I meant ‘cell phone’? How long ago was it, when you checked your answering machine, on your landline? 500 BC? Nowadays, we just say the word ‘phone’ and everyone knows we mean cell phone. I don’t think I’ve heard someone say ‘landline’ or ‘home phone’ in a while. In my case, I only have a smart phone, and as a backup phone, Skype (how the world has changed!). I still say ‘cell’ when I refer to my ‘phone’. Honestly, sometimes my friends give me a funny look when I say ‘cell phone”.

Friend: “I know you meant cell phone! Bhahahaha.”

Me: “I know you knew what I meant, but I thought I’d be specific. You know, in case I’ve recently installed a landline”

Friend: “Have you?”

Me: Nope.

Is it that rare now? So many good memories with a landline. You could pick any shape and colour for your corded phone. Remember when you didn’t have caller id, and you knew that by answering, you wouldn’t get a telemarketer? It would actually be a friend! Today, a landline would just be a back up, or an extra accessory (because your cable company gave you a great package deal). If you’re lonely, you can always wait until a telemarketer calls you. It’s like a blind dating service, except they’re the ones who pursue you.

Technology has changed so much, I guess for the better. I mean, smart phones provide you with a lot of flexibility and convenience. But, you do kind of turn into a meerkat, when you have one. You bury yourself with your CELL PHONE, in your bed, or even in a chair while covered in a blanket. It’s almost as though, you build burrows around your house, where you can quietly enjoy the texts you receive. Heaven forbid anyone interrupts while checking your cell phone. I mean, do people actually expect you to leave your burrow? :p

Also, depending where you place your CELL PHONE, you end up doing a bit of a meerkat dance, everytime you hear your notifications. I place mine a bit high, so when I get a text, I just jump out of my chair (I like to spice things up in my life) to check. It’s like a cell phone version of ‘Pop goes the weasel’ (that IS the way the money goes, if you know what I mean).

I might just get a corded phone, and use it as decoration. For old times sake.

Image^^^ That is not a picture of a cell phone, but it might cheer you up. One of my many pictures.

Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today 😀

There’s a bathroom out there that has a weird obsession with me…

My phone signal, how do I say this? Hmm, well…it SUCKS! There. I don’t get the best reception where I work, unless I step outside (I know, right? Where do I work, a mine?) or, go in the BATHROOM. “What the heck? Change providers, then!” Yes, I know. I’ve heard it before. But, I did get an awesome deal with this one! (it is a well known provider, not some weird cell phone company in the depths of hell). Anyway, when I’m in the bathroom, I get a good signal if I stand in the corner (I guess it’s some weird fetish the bathroom has). At least, enough to receive and send messages. There are times when I have to hold up my cell as high as possible, and even then, I can only get a bit of a signal. It wouldn’t be such a pain, if it weren’t for the fact I’m a hobbit. It is funny at times, but now it’s gotten to the point, where my only option (if I don’t want to leave my workplace) is to stay in the bathroom if I want a signal!

I really think this bathroom has cast a spell on me. Just the other day, I brought my charger, but could not find an empty outlet anywhere! And once I did, the charger cable wasn’t long enough. So, guess what? I went to grab my portable charger, and of course, I realized I forgot to charge it (first world problems?). Just when I thought my phone was doomed, I found an empty outlet…IN THE BATHROOM!!!!!!!! and guess where? Right next to the toilet. Seriously? Luckily, I fully trust my co-workers, but I had to go through the embarrassing task of asking them to be careful with my phone, because it was charging on top of the TOILET.

It’s not just with my phone, but every time I set foot in that bathroom, I feel the sudden urge to have a “business meeting”. And it just happens with this bathroom. Will this ever end? Why is this happening? How do I friendzone a bathroom? I feel like my cell phone needs therapy.

Of course! The world rules me today