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Poetry: Undying

Scribbling pain on my stitched up heart

I feel, I ache,

I beg for a cure for this torment.

Ripping memories through dark jungles,

I stride through hopes and muddy comforts.


I seek selfish help and broken words;

I regret,

I hope for better consolation,

through strikes of lightning

in my superstorm.


Unscrambled dreams possess

untimely divine is lost,

chased by unlawful creatures

attracted by the scent of my confined soul.


Sparked such fear, 

good dreams are scarce

send forth my madness

into my forte of hopes.


Sprinkle my heart with your healing loving,

and run with me down streaming waters

catch my wings and teach me to fly

help me be born again.


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It’s yours forever

You wanted your heart back

I didn’t want mine

we selflessly gave each others’

and hand by hand

we became one

it felt everlasting.


I could sense my heart beating

I felt it when you tried to give it back

I said I didn’t want it

it’s yours forever.


You tried to shove it,

but it failed

your intentions were good

but I had no good reflexes.

I knew it

I didn’t want a broken heart.

It’s yours forever.


We danced through the stars

above constellations

our own world became a reality

through luminous skies and laughter.

how many times did you wish to return my heart?

It’s yours forever.


Possibilities became hopeless

setting a despair

my cry was heard

beyond mountains and the sea,

 you departed from our journey,

and the stars fell from the sky,

the darkness engulfed my heart,

and it shattered through the ground.



In pain


I didn’t want it back

It was yours forever.