Daily Prompt: Only Sixteen

The Daily Post wants to know: Tell us all about the person you were when you were sixteen. If you haven’t yet hit sixteen, tell us about the person you want to be at sixteen.

I’m 26 today. I was sixteen 10 years ago! Ouch, that feels  like so long ago!

Do you really want to know what I was like? Honestly, I wasn’t rebellious; although, I tried to be. When I was 16, I got purple streaks on my hair, which I thought was going to be my breakthrough into high school rebellion. But, I ruined any chances of being a rebel by joining the Art club, and becoming my science’s teacher pet. After failed and very sad attempts at joining the evil side, I just gave up. I’m going to be brutally honest and say I NEVER tried drugs or cigarettes. Yes, I was offered, but my classmates ran away when I gave them a semi-speech on the cons of drug usage —I really was not helping my own cause — but luckily, they didn’t use that against me throughout the rest of high school (lucky?). I did manage to get detention a couple of times due to my talking; I just could not shut up, but I wasn’t trying to get detention. What else? Oh yes, boys, I was into them, yes for sure. I had a huge crush on this guy and purposely sat behind them in Geography class, just so he would turn around and ask for help; he did, and we became friends, but nothing more. If you wanted to read about me humping my crush on my teacher’s desk, that’s not happening, because I never did that (but I did think about it. Hey! I was 16). I was caught drooling one day by my gorgeous Geography teacher, though. Think about it for just a second, my crush is sitting in front of me and my teacher is lustfully (in my mind) talking about earthquakes, how could I not drool? It wasn’t all about boys, it was also about the Backstreet Boys…oh wait, ha ha, they ARE boys, oops! Again, I would drool at every clip played on MTV –when they truly played music — and constantly remind everyone how wonderful they’re.

After writing all of that, I have concluded that when I was 16, I was an art-science-chatterbox girl who loved to drool over boys, and discovered it was not in her nature to be evil.


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤