Random Photo of the Day…with a story starter!

Oh yes, let me introduce you to my new blog feature! It’s simple, I’ll post random photos I’ve taken in the past, present, and future (okay, I know, that’s not possible, but pfft, don’t ruin my moment) and add a story starter. Here’s hoping it’ll inspire you to write even more :).

The photo: I took this years ago at the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows book midnight release!

The creature’s name: I don’t know, but we’ll name him Hepburn (you can tell who my favourite actress is).

Why does Hepburn look upset?: In reality, he probably doesn’t like to be touched (notice the hand?). In my world, I think it’s because of the GRILLING book behind him. Take a look, it’s inside the purple heart. So, I totally understand his indignation.

Story starter: Hepburn’s indignation engulfed its subconsciousness into brutal annoyance…


Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today!

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