Planes: Do you fear them?

I love watching planes take off, but I’m not a big fan of flying. I guess aside from the fear of crashing and being aware of my imminent death during the process, the thing I dislike the most is the take-off! I don’t know about you, but this is what goes through my mind.


 -I’m going back home for a visit, yay! The excitement kidnaps my sleep for the days prior to the day. I’m so happy, I can hop like a bunny all the way to the airport. I get to the airport, look at the screen and smile as I read my flight is on time. I pass security and sit by the departure gate. Then, it hits me…once I get on that plane, there is no going back. You know, it either crashes or it doesn’t.

-I make it on the plane. I’m still happy to go back home. I find my sit and hope Robert Downey Jr sits beside me (you know the usual daydreams).  I always start watching a movie, which helps ease my anxiety. It all goes well, until the plane makes its way to the runway. The pilots turn on the engines, and my, are they loud!!! This is when I think for a second that there may be something wrong (even though I’ve flown a lot) and I pray to the heavens no one on the plane has really bad karma.

-Take-off goes smoothly and we’re up in the air! The seatbelt signal goes off and flight attendants begin to assist passengers. I decide to take a nap and surprisingly, I fall asleep fast (not to be confused with fainting).  I’m usually very fortunate when it comes to turbulence; they usually only last a couple of minutes. Still, they always wake me up, because they make me feel like the plane is about to fall.

-Just when I think it’s all over. The Captain announces that we’ll be experiencing a somewhat unusual landing. What..the..HECK? While you’re grateful for the Captain for letting you know what’s going on —basically, a soft way of saying there’s a slight chance you will perish — you still wonder whether your sanity is being dragged through the mud. Sure, you listen to what the Captain just said, but you’re secretly plotting how you’re going to try to survive by jumping off the plane while it’s going down (it helps to have an eye candy on the plane to help you get through it).

-This is a true story: on my last trip back home, the Captain did say we were going to have a rough landing, but we didn’t. It had just stopped raining, so the ground was wet, but the girl sitting behind me starting talking out loud that we were GOING DOWN (we weren’t). So, thanks for the mild heart attack little girl 🙂

-Despite everything that goes through my mind, I still enjoy flights. I always thank the crew for a good flight and landing. I don’t clap like other passengers, but I definitely think about kissing the ground after I exit the plane :p

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤