Poem: Antagonist


Evasion of leftover sorrow

And miscreant patches in my heart

I plea to the one I name, a thief

To withhold what breaks me apart.


The impaling hit your absence makes

Cannot disappear with lasting memories

I move forward, to retract my aches

And turn deluge of tears into my remedies.


I, with discomfort, go on – wherever you are,

The idea of no return, with the clues of many reasons

I control the power of the sting of your scar

And I do not attend to my broken pieces.


Am I damaged? Do I know how to feel?

It strikes me in the corner of my emotions;

The thought I will never heal

From the steps we have taken by our devotions.


Can you pull me into my righteous path?

I wish to frisk by the ocean with your company

And disconnect from agonizing wrath.

I was once known to be bubbly.


Behind me, I acknowledge your being

I dream for you to catch me

You have gifted me with sense of freeing

So that today I can clearly see.




Deluge with respect

This world lacks manners, but more than before? I don’t know. It’d be good to put all manners on a balancing scale to measure. Due to technology, it is a simple fact that we are able to see more than we used to. Yes, it seems like society is going downhill and it overshadows the goodness that exists within it.

People can be rude online, because they can anonymously do so, and that could be a reflection from their daily lives; they are one of those people who talk behind each others’ backs. We have all done it at some point. It is in our nature to complain, but is also in nature to be good. You don’t see newborn babies calling each other names – okay, they can’t talk, but they are not evil – and fine, you do see toddlers calling each other ‘poopy face,’ but that’s not the point.

My point is, we need to start overshadowing the bad. Treat others with kindness and respect, and if they hurt you, then well, call them ‘poopy face’ and walk away (believe, randomness shocks people). I say this because it seems that kindness and respect are becoming so rare, so much so that people misunderstand your kindness with you having ulterior motives. Dude, I’m kind and smile because that’s how I would be treated, not because I want to go out with you. I help you because I want to help, not because I eventually expect you to help me (hey, if you do, I will gladly accept it).

We can’t become a society where we doubt the goodness and mistrust people. Sadly, there is a lot of evil, but the world is big and we can start with small steps.


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

Hormonal Bottomless Pit of Misery

I’ll be straight forward and this question: Ladies, why do we get so hungry before/during our periods (aka bloody hells)?

Mrs. Google has this answer for us (I substituted the word ‘period’ for ‘bloody hells’ because…you get it ladies): “Your body uses more calories during the time right before and in some cases during your [bloody hells.] This increase in calories makes your body burn more calories during this time, and as the calories as burning you’re going to feel hungry more often”.

Great, I would most certainly welcome extra nutrients on an extra energized day. Having said that, the hunger I feel when my day is filled with short walks to the market or the library, ending in overindulgence of my soft bed sheets, does not feel as right as it should.

Yes, bring on the chocolate, the endless glasses of orange juice, the cravings for paninis (yea, don’t ask), but bring them on when I need them. I do feel guilty for devouring unnecessary amounts of food – regardless of healthy levels-  when I know I don’t need it during these bloody hells. I can argue and say that I’m biologically predisposed to do so and blame it on the science, but if I stop even just a bit, would it make me feel less guilty or more moody?

My miscreant hormones provide discomfort during these days, and while my symptoms mostly consist of random cravings, I do tend to get a bit more sensitive than I usually am. Do I get grouchy? Sometimes. The thing is, it’s not just about feeling guilty because others cannot eat, but perhaps because the overindulgence causes the bloating to feel ten times worse. Yes, it is true, the bloating is not a myth or an insane idea installed in our heads, ladies. I usually battle it by drinking extra water and citrus juices (without sugar). It does help!

I’m going to be honest and say I prefer overindulging in ice cream, than tossing under my bed sheets waiting for the Advil to kick the heck out of the cramps. On the bright side, my cramps aren’t bad at all…yet!

Think happy thoughts! Think happy thoughts!


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

Ontario Winter: A money saver

Ontario winters are one of the worst in the whole country (but better than Saskatchewan). Of course, when winter is here we hate it, but when it’s gone, we crave for the cold breeze to chill us down during hot days. Vancouver had a great winter this year; it was like a cold spring. But, I’ve been looking at this all wrong. I should be grateful for this winter. If you think about it, it can save you money.

Forget going to the Blue Mountain Resort here in Ontario, or flying out West to Whistler, BC. Why waste all that money, when you can gather your gear and hit the slopes at your nearest plaza parking lots? Snow ploughs love to accumulate the snow behind your favourite grocery market, Canadian Tire, or perhaps a mall! Why wouldn’t you climb these parking lot hills, and enjoy the view of people: during their smoke breaks, while carrying more groceries than they can handle. or cab drivers taking a nap? If you wouldn’t choose this lifestyle, then you need to re-think your priorities!

Everyone knows ice cream goes on sale during winter. This is the perfect time to stock up on lots of ice cream. But, where would you store it all? Yes, your freezer, but you wouldn’t be able to fit everything in it. So where else can you put the ice cream? Well, the toilet seat wouldn’t work guys, that’s gross. How about you in your own organic freezer? Yes, you can store the ice cream in your very own backyard! It’s the biggest freezer you will ever have until the end of winter – and if you are in Ontario, until the middle of spring.

So, we got a mini winter vacation taken care of, food locations, now what else can you save money on? Why,a shower! This is the perfect way to say good-bye to an amazing winter. When the temperatures go up – which feels like Christmas time (thanks winter, you never fail to provide!) – the snow begins to melt, and some of it will slowly form puddles on the side of the roads. Want a free shower? Walk on the sidewalk during rush hour, and you will be splashed by ignorant drivers who speed up, because why would they be concerned about YOUR life, when their frickin’ chicken is getting cold in their house?

Isn’t Mother Winter lovely? I am crying writing this beautiful homage to this wonderful season.


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

Blogging 101: Introduce yourself to the World

I’m about 5 tasks behind, and that’s not good. But, here I am! I started blogging about a year ago, after failed attempts at blogging during previous years. I started on another site, Blogger, with a photography blog – with a side of updates of my recently-watched movies and recently-read books. Yes, a failed, because I was too busy with school. I never deactivated my account, but I have completly forgotten my username.

Then, I met WordPress. I fell in love with WordPress immediately; it was my dream blog site. Why? Because, it looked professional and easy to use. It made me feel like I was contributing to the world, and not making a tacky attempt trying to build sophisticated websites using basic HTML and CSS – <center> </center> was not rocket science.

Thus, ‘This is who I am’ was born – wah wah (baby wailing sounds). Here’s my very first entry: https://worldruler007.wordpress.com/2014/01/12/totally-owned-by-spiders/

I decided to blog in order to share my writing style with others, in hopes of helping them overcome difficulties in life. I don’t tell you how to live your life, nor what your life should be like. I’m here to remind you that life gets better, and not to be afraid of showing who you are.

But who am I? I don’t think words can specifically describe me, because I am a lot of things depending on the day. What I can tell you is that I write poetry, I listen to 80s music and watch 80s movies. I also adore Audrey Hepburn, Enya, and the great Robert Downey Jr. I enjoy watching Lord of the Rings marathons (did I mention my sis got me an autographed photo of Sean Astin, and she made him record a  birthday greeting on video???). What else should I say? I love to smell good – that’s one of my biggest compliments. I do not swear and if I ever do, you know it’s because somebody crossed the line. I love penguins and I dislike spiders, but I am working on not killing them.

Getting to know me is never-ending, so come along and get used to it :p.

Poem: Place

A comforting trench with ample options,

a place to search for new horizons;

where fears are set in motion,

and dreams would fill with poisons.

At times your mind attests realization,

and your lodge fills with your burden.

Fairly, it is a dire sensation,

and yourself must you pardon.

With a shawl on the ground,

and the flow of many lives, in your mind

if you haste you won’t be found,

Say, do you want to be refined?

The hidden sores tend to welcome

in the place, you are burnout

on the edge of the tears, your hope is beckoned –

in the place, the truth you flout.


Writing 201: Sonnet

Prompt: Future

Form: Sonnet

Device: chiasmus


This is the last assignment for Writing 201: Poetry :(. I’m going to miss it. This class has opened me up so much! This doesn’t mean I’m going stop posting poetry :o. Keep on checking for more.


I, vision

 Runaway and divert your anguish into limbo,

 while you await the scarce value that lingers in prism.

Must not consent such ignoble symbol

why not instigate one of your thousand visions.

The corm of your choices are seeing through blossom

Were you visibly aware? Were you not aware you were visible?

Your dried errors could captivate in autumn,

is it fear, or denial, that they may be miscible?

The hardships you battle as you embrace truth,

they connect to you, as you connect with hope.

Ideally, you comfort, and you let your heart be soothed;

and intentionally, your spell proves to strobe.


The gentle breeze lifts up your silver hair,

and your firmly turn back to bare yourself.


Writing 201: Landscape

Form: Found Poetry

Device: Enumeratio

Prompt: Landscape


I used the path of two lovers as a form of landscape. The idea was to cut pieces of paper and put together, but I have no magazines to cut, so I just used Enumeratio and wrote a short poem.


Let Us

Let us be, enjoy, and grow

before we forgo our diversion

from our yesterday to our tomorrow

let us not force a wrong conversion.


Let’s not rant, or yell, or argue

about past, present, and future;

on the road, a cabin, in public,

or bruise all of our sorrows.


Let’s not set our hearts for damage;

with delusion, exclusion, and confusion,

when our hearts connect and desire

reaching for destined conclusion.