I am ready to submit 3 poems to a magazine contest. Will they pick them? Unlikely, but like any other struggling artist, I MUST start from somewhere. I always say my rejections can be anecdotes for my future children. It would make for a better life story – not to diminish anyone who achieved success right away – 

These poems have to be unpublished, which means you won’t get to read them until they accept/reject them. It makes it even harder, because I cannot ask for your opinion! Normally, it is easy for me to write poems, because they come from my heart. When I write and do it well, I write as fast as I drool over my crushes. Today? That did not happen, and why?

1) It is a contest

2) It MUST be a well-crafted poem (no pressure, right?)

3) It is a contest

4) Lots and lots and thousands of entries

The pros is that there is no theme. Therefore, I have the freedom to write from my heart; that is if my brain will just stop interfering. The best I came up with was: I feel like a squished plum, rotting under the incandescent sun. But, do not worry, because that sentence will never be imprinted on any magazine. It’s like an embarrassing moment replaying in your head over and over again. When will the madness end?


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