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Writing 201: Acrostic

Form: Acrostic

Device: Internal Rhyme


Inner thoughts grasping allure

Admiring lots and romancing in moon

Must rest and uncover pre-destined stars

Find and discover your secrets within

Recount fallen reasons

Elegiac in seasons

Example of life.


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Writing 201: Limerick time!

Theme: Journey

Device: Alliteration

Form: Limerick

I don’t know when was the last time I last wrote a Limerick, so this is a challenge for me. The first one is without alliteration. The second one is with alliteration.


A funny lady when to a farm

there was a spider but no alarm

She screamed a high note

She dug up a mote

She saw it was her hair all along.


Detective directed a dance

carefully chanting cheerful chance

He hissed with his hat

He is a hot ham

Dreaming Detective do not despair.


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Writing 201! Poetry time!

I am catching up to Writing 201 as part of Blogging University (seriously, thank you Daily Post!). I am excited to advanced in my Poetry and writing overall.

First assignment: Haiku.

Theme: Water

Device: Simile


Squirrel must swim

like algae washing ashore

through melting winter.


Abundant harvest

nuts as roasted as tanned skin

he is on the side.


Wavy melting snow

is cold like one heartbreaker

in blossoming spring



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There is no Valentine’s Day on Mars

If you’ve ever wanted to leave the planet, no matter what, then join my just-made-up club. I have nothing against people celebrating love, birthdays, achievements, randomness. What I am against is people following trends, making others feel obliged to spend money on junk, therefore losing meaning of what lies underneath its original purpose.

Oh, but here’s the plot twist. The original intend of Valentine’s day was filled with a Pagan tradition, involving slapping women with the remains of dead animals, in order to bestow fertility upon them. How romantic!  And while we certainly do not follow such traditions (thank goodness), we still support the desire of making ourselves feel better by following trends we would’ve never followed, and thus unknowingly partake in a tradition that when you read about it, makes you feel nauseated  . Here’s a hint: 50 Shades (shames) of Grey.

Are you aware of what you are supporting, ladies and gentlemen? Society reminds us of evolving, of becoming more accepting without the use of violence. How on earth are we supposed to do this, if there is such hypocrisy in society?

Now, nobody really knows for sure when all this Valentine’s Day phenomenon started. But, they say it could’ve also started with Saint Valentine, who was a priest who performed weddings behind the Emperor’s back. He was caught, arrested, and sentenced to death. History tells us, the newly-weds would send gifts to his cell and before he was to be executed, he sent one of them a letter signed by, “Your Valentine.” Then, a tradition was born. And in today’s society, that tradition is DEAD. Absolutely, DEAD. If there is anything more than DEAD…you get my point. Okay, I did exaggerate, because not everyone has managed to bludgeon the real meaning of this tradition. It is not just about love, but it is about gratitude, understanding, and sacrifice.

It is a sad world we live in, when you see people getting all worked up about not finding the perfect gift. How about YOU being the perfect gift? How about your loved one being the perfect gift? Or your HEALTHY LIFE being a gift? If you feel the need to go out to the store before they close just find a last minute card for your significant other, then something isn’t going the right way.

So, what if you don’t get a card along with the flowers. Is your loved one going to kill you? Can’t you just make everyday of your lives, about love? Isn’t that the point of a relationship AND friendship? Is it that important to find a $5,000 ring to propose? You’re PROPOSING, you’re being PROPOSED to. Isn’t that a gift? Isn’t that love?

Yes, celebrate Valentine’s Day, celebrate everyday, but without forgetting your layers in your relationships and friendships. Because, the moment you start loving someone (romantic or not), you sacrifice your selfishness, and THAT is a gift.

That’s why it sounds so soothing the fact there is no Valentine’s Day on Mars. Because, life there could be raw for us.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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Poem: Know


I trudge on failed desires

and dig into deeper thoughts

to retrieve some recent wounds

and destroy platonic doubts.


I try to fathom present destiny

as a withdrawn essence

followed by objection

of my own initiative.


Oh, too familiar!

present moment

Was it a dream? 

Am I a dream?

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Scale.”

I’m back to posting Weekly Photo Challenges! This week’s  theme is all about Scale. Here are two photos from my trip to Peru last summer. First photo is of a fountain downtown. I love the change in sizes and the trees in the background. The second is a mini repilica of a popular tourist bus :D. Enjoy



❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale