Extreme Randomness 

I’m using my iPod and I thought it would be fun to randomly type with my eyes closed, and see what I can come up with. It’s time to go to bed and this will help me wear my eyes out.

“Hello bar you when wk eke keen eke hug pjbnbbvb dtthg vgyih Ogle rhuub ng ffhj dj dab server jnvd iodide nrn hydration hydrocarbon be gfdhj. Kougfjhv”

I’m guessing some words were autocorrected :p 

Give it a try! 


2 thoughts on “Extreme Randomness 

  1. I end up doing that a lot when working on a novel I’m writing and I’m super tired. I basically fall asleep while typing. I used to try to power through to get my word count done but I’ve given up. It was just too incoherent. But one time I wrote about a horse and carriage in Central Park but that had NOTHING to do with my story. My friend calls it automatic writing. I don’t likey.

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