Poetry: Sight


Dark tunnel with pushable struggles,

a dire escape and no light in sight

unheeding freedom blazing through one’s will

feeling undeserving of the journey.


Words are thrown about who to become

one grants their pleads

and forget where we are headed

the ending road should lead to calm.


Defeating unexpected waves

one endures the turmoil

they scream, but one is tired

you cannot do this for them.


Hopeful of a triumphant exit

if your eyes can open

and witness your deserving happiness

as you transform into your will.


Poetry: Will we reach?


Counting days like pointing stars

and subtle energy bypass my skin

ideas tangled in my mind,

and confusion bonds onto thoughts

Will we reach?


In the infinite loop of prudence

we walk along imperfect perceptions.

With rigorous climbs we are fatigued with reasons

but new hope unveils

Will we reach?


It is a thirst for what is whole

but a resistance denies the purpose

if we seek, we fear the found

but our losses are excerpts of our lives

Will we reach?


For what we cherish is fulfilment

and to attain our glory we strive

while we decipher our impediment 

and ask for a reward of clarity

Will we reach?



How do you deal with rude people?

I’d love to understand why some people are so rude. What do they gain from being a nuisance to others? I don’t care about the lame excuse, “oh, I had a bad day/week,” because I do have those days and I don’t go around yelling at people and taking out my frustrations on innocents. One thing is to be annoyed when you have a bad day, and another is to be aggressive to people who have no clue of how your day is going.

If someone is rude to me, I just ignore them and daydream. Would I love to reciprocate the rude gesture and/or slap them with a fish? Absolutely. But, I refrain from doing so, because you can’t fight fire with fire.

What I find works with these people is if you randomly start talking about different topics. Yes, make them think you’re crazy. It’s fun to watch their bulging eyes when they realize they can’t talk about themselves with you anymore. Does it always work? Nope, but what the heck, try it.  The only times I do it is when I’m bored or my daydreams are not vivid enough to transition out of the rudeness.


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

Poetry: One could


Fortuitous words of solemn joy

through my eyes must abscond delightful thoughts

embed rough patches of solace within me

one could turn and blend desire inside.


Nostalgic turn, and I am down

and I ascend to find my function,

grasping an idea that leaves me tired

one could turn and escape the dire site.


With sparks that distract who I am

searching for my beginning slate

with anguish and turmoil and I can’t give in

one could turn and self-serve and leave their side.


Expectation of a soul dipped in tranquil

and enriched with potent motivation,

carving a deserved fate with bare love

one could turn and stop and seal the failure.

Your motivation should come from within

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking (yes, I do think). I’ve been trying to find motivation elsewhere, but I have come to the conclusion that one should find it from within. Sure, you have family, friends, a significant other who inspire you everyday, but if you don’t succeed as an individual and live based on your own happiness, you’ll feel alone when others are not there to inspire you.

What am I living for? If I don’t start living for myself and then for others, I find I get down, because I’m not focusing on why I’m here and why I do the things I do. I started writing to heal from all the struggles in life, and I have lost that essence along the way, trying to please others without stopping to think about what makes me happy.

I haven’t diverted from my path too far, but it’s been a huge help going back to the main purpose. My main goal is to help others find themselves through my writing. The thing is, I can’t do that if I don’t remind myself of who I am.

I set a goal for this month; to focus on poetry and fitness. I keep trying to find motivation elsewhere, when I should be looking for it in the things I love to do. The key is not only to be happy, but to also be fulfilled.

Hopefully what I just said makes sense :p. I’m not even going to edit this post.



❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

Ellie’s Updates

Hi everyone! Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canadian bloggers :D. It’s been a hectic week for me, which is why I’ve been M.I.A. :p. I’m actually in the process of gathering my poetry for submission to a writing magazine in September. Hopefully, they’ll pick my poems! If not, at least I gave it a try :D. If I ever want to get published, I have to start somewhere, right? In order to prepare for this, I’ll post more poetry to practice, and I also want to say thank you to all who are giving great feedback. I always appreciate it.

In other news, I got to drive a 2014 BMW Series 3 on Sunday, and let me tell you, I felt as though it was doing the driving for me. If you ever get a chance to try it, please do! It’s quite the driving experience.

Also, I’m going to South America in September :D, which I’m very happy about!!!! I just booked my trip!! You know what this means, right? Lots of pictures for the month of September :p. Whenever I go somewhere, I take at least 1,000 photos (no joke).

Have an awesome day! And I’ll keep you posted on my randomness 😀


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤