Mosquitoes: sneaky bugs from the depths of hell

I love animals, but these bugs just keep dropping the ball on me! They’re sneaky little rascals who somehow find a way to get into my flesh, even when I’m wearing long-sleeve t-shirts and long pants. I get it, I’m hiking and invading their home, but what kind of mentality is that? I don’t suck the blood of every person who visits me.

It’s creepy. Seriously, it’s like these female mosquitoes – because male mosquitoes do no bite – are so keen to reproduce that they launch onto their prey as soon as it arrives; I am the prey in this case. They didn’t cover me in bites, but I’ve always had a reaction, so I’m not happy about the itching and swelling. I’m a Type O blood, and they say mosquitoes are mostly attracted to humans with this type of blood. I don’t have high cholesterol nor have high blood sugar, so those two can be ruled out. Perhaps, it’s genetics?

On a positive note, the bites have mostly disappear and it’s been 2 days, so they’re healing faster than I expected :p. Darn in-heat mosquitoes! Unless, I was actually bitten by a vampire?

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤


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