Poetry: Foreseen


I tried to keep track

on my will to foreseen

our last call

I couldn’t

I wasn’t meant to

I had no control.


When she left I wept

regret locked in my heart

I promised to notice next time

when we both spoke last.


Every day was lived

with talks and laughter, and

any phone call could have been our last

I thought for sure I could see it coming

I didn’t.


When you left, I wept

regret was pushed away

Our calls were fulfilled

I set out what I wanted to do.


You said I made you feel better

but you didn’t really need me

but I needed you.

You missed her and so did I

but you still had things to finish.

You helped me understand

what I refused to see.


Until our next call,

but until then,

no regrets.


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