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Special ways of greeting and inside jokes. Got any?

I have to say I have different ones with my friends, and it’s funny to see the look on other people’s faces when they don’t get what we’re saying :p. Of course, we explain to them so they won’t feel left out, but it’s funny anyway. Here a few of my inside jokes and greetings I have with my friends:

1) One of my friends got the song, ‘I will survive’ stuck in my head for a while. Since then, every time we see each other, it goes like this:

Friend: I will survive…

Me: …hey, hey!


2) I have a friend with whom I speak in LOTR code.

Me: Could you GIMLI a second?

Friend: Sure, ARWEN you come back, could you…?


3) One of my best friends loves monkeys as much as I love penguins, so this is us:

Me: Hello, your monkeyness

Her: Hey, penguinista!


4) I don’t know how it all started, but I always call my sis, “ladybug”. I’m still trying to remember why :p.

How about you?




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6 thoughts on “Special ways of greeting and inside jokes. Got any?

  1. One of my friends and greet each other with “What the Pho?” No one gets it. People usually think it has a bad meaning, but it’s really just a noodle shop we saw and loved the name of. Now it’s a greeting we use to get reactions from people.

  2. Oh YES! I definitely do this. Probably the longest standing has been with my brother. My nickname for him is ‘My boy’ and our signature greeting is a solemn nod accompanied by a grave ‘How do you do.’ Since we are both in our 20’s, this brings some strange reactions from people. On one occasion when we were both working at the same restaurant, we nodded to one another from all the way across the function room. We’re still doing it 6 years later 🙂

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