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The beach and childhood

I love marine life, the ocean, sea shells, anything that has to do with water. However, tot only am I not an excellent swimmer, but I haven’t swum in the ocean for quite a while. There is no specific reason as to why, but I think it’s because I like to sit and appreciate the beauty, instead of invading it. I still submerge my feet, just not my entire body. Perhaps, it’s due to my positive childhood memories, and the good advantage I’ve taken of the beach. I don’t know. Maybe, I just got bored of it. After all, I grew up going to the beach and I even went camping on the beach.

My best friend and I used to go to the beach with our mums when we were little, and one day we went to this beach known (but unknown to us) for its high waves. Our mums were getting lunch ready and my friend I went by the shore to collect sea shells and rocks. Being the risk-takers that we were, we decided to go in a bit deeper but we faced our backs towards the waves so we could see our mums. Sure enough, they noticed we were too close to the waves and asked us to go back to the shore, but before we could there, a big wave approached. I remember looking under my legs and my eyes bulging. I yelled, “run” but before we could get ashore, the breaking wave caught up with us. It wasn’t a humongous wave, but it looked very big to us.We were fine, and we laughed it off after the initial scared faded.

One of my favourite memories is walking on the beach with my late grandparents. We used to buy ice cream and walk on the sidewalk and sand. I remember my grandma and I used to laugh at the fact my grandpa and sister took forever deciding which ice cream to buy.  My grandpa and I would go to the rocks and stone skip into the water. I, of course, picked up the heavy ones because I loved the rippling effect they made in the water. Usually, there weren’t a lot of people nearby, so it was safe to do it. One of the most vivid memories I have of them. I even recall the smells! 

Do you have any good memories of the beach?

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤


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38 thoughts on “The beach and childhood

  1. sori but Jean luc Picard sambaing away made me laugh to the point I almost lost my train of thought lol!!

    I love the beach and the ocean too, the waves and sounds are so calming 🙂

      1. oh he was calm alright, not sure if you watched the movies but he was specially calm on this one when he had to accept a headdress in the beginning lol

      2. That’s the bad thing about Netflix, most of the time you gotta literally type it in before it shows, but yups! unless Ontario has a different Netflix compared to BC? 0.0

  2. I love the beach… i love it! Maybe because I live further on shore, but I yearn for it. The sea, the smell, the colors, everything… I dream to live by the sea… ❤ I went to sea every summer when I was little, but now not so often and long. I went last year but only for a day. But that day was so much to me… 🙂 Where do you live? Where you went to the beach?

      1. O_o omg… I think we had that as a lowest temperature EVER, but in the summer it goes up to 40C so the sea is very warm, Mediteranian awesome… 🙂

      2. That is pretty hot too… We are melting if it goes on 35 and +, it is a natural disaster in my country and everyone is adviced to stay at home… But if you’re at the Adriatic sea, man that feels good… In the sea all the time just enjoying…. I am dreaming right now of being there and salt staying on my skin as a swim 😀

      3. Awwww, wow, I guess the beach helps you survive! It’s always nice and relaxing. I’m hoping to visit the Caribbean soon. Their waters are crystal clear 😀

      4. Ohhhhh that’s awesome!!! That’s the type of music I like :D! I’ll add it to my ipod. Thanks ^_^

        Speaking of Caribbean, here’s one of my favourites by Enya:

      5. I am so glad you like it 🙂 I love Enya, she is under my skin since when I practiced yoga, our instructor would play her from speakers. 🙂

      6. Yeah she was 😀 I was going on classes two years, but that was a long time ago… Now I can’t even touch my toes XD I have a plan to get more “strechy” 😀

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