Ellie’s Question Corner: What’s your favourite movie snack?

When you’re at the movies or sitting at home, what do you like to eat while watching your favourite movie? Is it always popcorn? Do you get different cravings?

I mostly like popcorn, corn chips with hot salsa (must be hot or medium), mint chocolate chip ice cream, and sometimes I get this broccoli craving (with or without cheese). I’m not into popcorn with butter as much, but I’ll still eat it if there’s no other choice.

How about you?


14 thoughts on “Ellie’s Question Corner: What’s your favourite movie snack?

  1. POPCORN for sure. When mom pops it on the stove, I can hear the kernels hitting the pan all the way in my bedroom. I will run through the Hotel Thompson and slide into the kitchen oinking. I *love* my popcorn. XOXO – Bacon

  2. I wish i got Broccoli cravings!
    At the movies I’m all about an industrial sized coke and popcorn. At home I’m all about the sweeties or corn chips! (popcorn never tastes as good as it does at the movies)

  3. Funnily enough I rarely eat snacks when I go to the movies, I normally just order a drink. Whilst at home I snack on whatever is available which could be anything from biscuits to fruit… I haven’t eaten popcorn in sooo long

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