Language barrier and patience

I know sometimes it is difficult to understand people from other countries. Often, they try their best to communicate with us, but there are people out there who can be really mean towards them. “If they come to this country, they better speak the language,” yes, but how can you tell them apart? You can’t judge a stranger at a coffee shop with whom you exchanged a few greetings. Some people have difficulty speaking, but they can understand and read very well.

I’ve seen people at coffee shops who were just here to visit relatives, and they tried to slow down to try to communicate properly, only to be met by the impatience of the server. Apparently, the server never struggled with anything if s/he felt the need to impatiently point out the fact she couldn’t understand anything, even though you could tell she did. I’m sorry, but you can tell when people pretend not to understand foreigners, and that’s just rude. In my book, as long as you treat me with respect, then I reciprocate. There is no need to feel provoked by unnecessary situations. Instead of staring into oblivion, or pretending they’re extraterrestrials, why don’t you just help them? I don’t mean a whole year of tutoring, but at least some words and sentences that can be useful. Not too long ago, I met a few Dutch seniors and I asked them to teach me basic greetings in their language, and they were more than happy to. There was no harm done; I smiled, they smiled, we made each others’ days.



Koala Wink

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤



3 thoughts on “Language barrier and patience

  1. *Claps* Well said! I come across people who struggle with English quite often. It is so easy to get an idea of what they mean, when you take the time to listen. It is sometimes one word that helps you understand them completely.

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