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Do you often feel homesick?

I don’t usually, but today  I woke up with a sense of nostalgia. Maybe it’s due to the fact, it’s raining a lot in Ontario, and to be it used to be a Vancouver thing. I’m not complaining, because I love the space here in Ontario, and I’ve been doing a lot of walking lately thanks to that :p. At least it’s gotten warmer, and absolutely no signs of snow! Yay!! Celebration! Seriously, we had a terrible winter! I didn’t even get a chance to build snowmen like I used to :(. Whenever I feel homesick, I get over it fairly quick. I just remind myself of the beautiful things in my life, I pray, I look at the thousands of photos I’ve taken, I watch Lord of the Rings (the entire extended trilogy), I paint, I write, I work on my flower arrangements, and more.

How do YOU deal with homesickness? 

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤


I write about my daily life, and what comes to mind at any given time! I've been where you've been, and you've been where I've been. I'm just here to remind myself and everyone else, that life has its ups and downs. Yes, the world does rule me, but I do rule the world sometimes :). Feel free to leave your comments and thank you for reading my blog!

2 thoughts on “Do you often feel homesick?

  1. When I get homesick, I call friends or family from back home and talk to them for a bit. It helps to bring them closer. 🙂

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