The heck is it with the Spam?

Hello everyone! I hope you are doing extremely well today :).  I had a great day at work, but don’t ask me about the weather; I’m cranky at Mother Nature.

I laugh when I read the Spam. It makes absolutely no sense! I wish they would at least make the effort to make it seem legit, but now it’s just getting sad. I can’t ignore the Spam anymore, I’m having the laugh of my life over here, but it is irritating. Usually the Spam comments are like 1000 pages long, but here are a few of their short versions:


Spam #1: “Whatgood work! You are the pride of our class”.

-What class? Upper class, History class, Geology class, classless class?

Spam #2: “Could you ask him to call me?”

-Really? Who? You know there are a lot of guys on WordPress…

Spam #3: “Incorrect PIN…”

-This is not an ATM, are these bots on drugs or something? What are you saying? Do I have to enter a PIN every time I want to submit a post? I don’t get it.

Spam #4: “I’m not interested in football”.

– I have never made a post about football. Ever. So, where is this coming from?

 Spam #5: “Youa??re so amazing! I do not believe Ia??ve go through everything like this ahead of…”

– I was going to post the entire comment, but I lost all brain cells and got a migraine.

What kind of Spam do YOU get?

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤


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