Mother Nature – A to Z challenge

A to Z challenge letter: M


Mother nature

Not so dear Mother Nature,

Do you hate me? Did I do something to you? I want to understand why the weather has been ghastly. The Winter blew snow in my face, I slipped and hurt my head on the pavement, and my toughest winter boots barely helped me survive. I had my hopes that once the Spring started, things would change for the better. And it did for a bit, for just a short amount of time. The other day we reached 22C and it felt wonderful! I was super happy, I felt rewarded after longing for warm temperatures while I froze my bum on the way to the supermarket, during Winter. But, it all changed this morning. You just had to do it, you had to send snow during Spring and suddenly drop the temperatures below zero. You know, I agree if you do this when it’s Winter, but not when we’re supposed to enjoy the sunshine and wear our sun hats and sunscreen. Just wait until next Winter to lay all your wrath on us Ontarians.

Having said that all, I do want to end on a positive note –that’s my theme for this challenge after all — and I do have to thank Mother Nature for giving a reason to rant, ideas for writing, and something to talk and laugh about. During the Winter time, I fell on an icy sidewalk, and while my back took most of the fall, I hit my head and it got swollen. I honestly could’ve passed out, broken a bone, or died, but I didn’t. I didn’t lose consciousness, and the paramedics told me my vitals were more than excellent (if that’s possible). I re-evaluated my life that night and that was thanks to eternally-on-PMS Mother Nature.

❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤

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