Daily Prompt: Land of Confusion

It’s time for another daily prompt! The Daily post asks: Which subject in school did you find impossible to master? Did math give you hives? Did English make you scream? Do tell!

Oh, I’m telling. I didn’t like Math. Math and I were natural enemies. Although, not yet proven, I’m positive I started agonizing about it since the womb. There was a bit of a tension break during Grade 1, but that was probably because I was trying to fit in (skipped Kindergarten). Afterwards, Math showed me no mercy, this was the type of subject that would touch your opened wounds, and laugh until you cried in despair. Grade 2 was the year I knew for sure there was a hell; there had to be, Math pushed my brain through the most torturous methods, fractions. Yes, I was good at them, but I honestly refused to complete the work. I remember staying after school and doing the homework I failed to do (such a Math rebel). My teacher was a great person for allowing me to do that, otherwise I would’ve failed the subject (she probably smelled my immaturity). I sat on the desk while my teacher graded papers, and everytime she looked, I would meet her with a big smile. Inside, I was fuming and plotting my escape; through the window, digging a tunnel, crawling under the desks. In the end, I decided to finish the work.

I loved every other subject, but Math was the enemy that wouldn’t die. I even contemplated the idea of dressing up as Math one Halloween. I dreamed of being able to summon magical powers and make it disappear, but then I was told I would always need to use it, so what the heck, I gave it another try. Big mistake. Math became more challenging and a true school pestilence. Middle school were the years I curled up in a ball during class trying not to go into a psychotic outbreak. Grade 9 was the year I tried to get the work done and out of the way, and that was only because my Math teacher was gorgeous; here’s a Math lesson for you, teen+ridiculously good looking teacher = oh yes, you’d do anything to get praised by Mr. Cutie Pie. However, even Sir Striking McGorgeous couldn’t save me from the evil Math. We had to do more complicated equations and I just broke apart. I got a C+ on my quiz and Mr. Guapo (that’s spanish for ‘handsome’) told me he was disappointed. That was it. Math did it. Math crushed my daydreams. Okay, fine, it was MY fault, but I still want to blame Math for it, so do not ruin my moment :p.

I do not know how I survived the rest of High School Math. I think I just went into a trance every time I entered the classroom, or I somehow managed to Astral-project during classes. Perhaps, I was kidnapped by aliens and they finished my classwork for me. I think at one point, I transformed my Geometry shapes into little monsters. I do not know. But, I have to say that it did help me get awards in Information Technology, so there’s a positive note. 

Luckily, I didn’t have to be a master of Math in college (computers did most of the work), so there isn’t much to say about those years. But before those years, Math was an allergic reaction I had no medication for. I am extremely thankful I enjoyed all of my other classes, and I think that balanced my war with Math. Today, Math and I have reached an agreement to be acquaintances. It only comes when I need it to. Will it last? 


❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤


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