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Random Photo of the Day #11…with a Story Starter!

How are you guys doing today? I hope Monday treated you well (I know it can be sneaky and evil). Let me tell you it was WARM today, yes, Ontario…was…warm…TODAY. Thanks Mother Nature! It felt so good wearing a light jacket. 

The A to Z challenge commences tomorrow and I’m ready! In fact, my good friend (I wish) Robert Downey Jr. posted this photo on his Facebook page. Let me tell you, that’s how I prepared for the challenge! They say on the challenge’s page that we can choose a theme or go random. Can you guess which one I’m choosing ;)?

I watched the series finale of “How I met your mother,” and let me tell you, it was good! This last season wasn’t great and I gotta be honest, I’ve missed a lot of episodes. I’m not going to spoil it, but I can say that the ending can be disappointing for some viewers, but it reflects on the reality of life. It went a bit fast, though, but there were funny moments (as always). I wasn’t a huge fan of the show, but it was entertaining to follow when I had the chance. 

It’s funny how my “Random Photo of the Day” posts have turned into a medley of Ellie’s updates and photography. Ah well, that’s how life gets exciting! Here’s the photo of the day! I picked one of my favourite places, Niagara Falls. It’s so peaceful, you get beautiful scenery, and you get wet! Add it to your bucket list :).

Au revoir tout le monde! (trying to make my ancestors proud)

Story Starter: One goal on my bucket list…



❤ ❤ ❤ Love, Ellie ❤ ❤ ❤





I write about my daily life, and what comes to mind at any given time! I've been where you've been, and you've been where I've been. I'm just here to remind myself and everyone else, that life has its ups and downs. Yes, the world does rule me, but I do rule the world sometimes :). Feel free to leave your comments and thank you for reading my blog!

9 thoughts on “Random Photo of the Day #11…with a Story Starter!

      1. Gotcha, I hope you’ll have the chance then, I remember seeing photos of when the whole falls froze over, it looked amazing 🙂

        By the way, Love your new gravatar 🙂

      2. I haven’t seen the falls during the winter, but they say it doesn’t freeze that much now. I don’t know if I want to see them that way :p.

        Thanks! 😀

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