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It’s yours forever

You wanted your heart back

I didn’t want mine

we selflessly gave each others’

and hand by hand

we became one

it felt everlasting.


I could sense my heart beating

I felt it when you tried to give it back

I said I didn’t want it

it’s yours forever.


You tried to shove it,

but it failed

your intentions were good

but I had no good reflexes.

I knew it

I didn’t want a broken heart.

It’s yours forever.


We danced through the stars

above constellations

our own world became a reality

through luminous skies and laughter.

how many times did you wish to return my heart?

It’s yours forever.


Possibilities became hopeless

setting a despair

my cry was heard

beyond mountains and the sea,

 you departed from our journey,

and the stars fell from the sky,

the darkness engulfed my heart,

and it shattered through the ground.



In pain


I didn’t want it back

It was yours forever.



I write about my daily life, and what comes to mind at any given time! I've been where you've been, and you've been where I've been. I'm just here to remind myself and everyone else, that life has its ups and downs. Yes, the world does rule me, but I do rule the world sometimes :). Feel free to leave your comments and thank you for reading my blog!

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