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Happy Oscars Day!!!!!!

I haven’t missed the Oscars since I was little. It is a show I can watch, where I know I won’t see half-naked and/or naked women disrespecting themselves on television. It’s been a pleasure (no pun intended) to enjoy the great hosting skills of Ellen DeGeneres for the past 2 years. Not only does she bring charisma and laughs, but she embraces viewers and makes them feel welcome into the awards. Who else brings pizza in the middle of an award show? It’s PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA! Of course, it would’ve been nice, if she were to send all of us at home a free one. But, not only did she bring food, she also managed to take an awesome selfie to post on twitter! I would’ve love for Robert Downey Jr and Leonardo DiCaprio to be in it, but I guess I can’t be too greedy. 

Speaking of Leonardo DiCaprio — king player of the supermodels — I was saddened when he didn’t win the Oscar; however, I do think Matthew McConaughey deserved to win. Well, sort of, I haven’t really seen ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, but I’ve seen clips from the movie. It looked like he put a lot of emotion into his character. I didn’t recognize him when I first saw the trailer. His character really came to life, in the clips. Which is why, I’d like to see the entire movie. As for Mr. Jack Dawson, I’d rather him win for another role. I’m sure he will one day. He’s a naturally talented actor, who effortlessly portrays the true initiatives of each of his characters. You don’t see many actors, who are able to make their characters seem realistic.

Congrats to ’12 years a slave’ for winning Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay. It’s good to see that this movie got the recognition it deserved. Which brings me to tonight’s disappointment, Gravity. I don’t want to completely destroy this movie with my opinion, because the whole movie is not bad or disastrous, but it is not the superb movie it was made out to be. The effects and sound were great, and I’ll give credit to the director, because making a movie is always hard work. However, in terms of plot and message — that is if you compare it to other nominated movies — it lacked substance. I do believe it is overrated, and unless they actually went into space to film, the Academy should’ve given more credit to other movies. In my opinion, there was too much hype. Sandra Bullock is a very good actress, but this movie didn’t reflect on her true talent, shown in her past movies. 

Let’s move on to Animation. Frozen took home two Oscars; one for Best Animated Film, and the other for Best Original Song (Let it Go). I couldn’t be happier. This is a very good movie for the entire family; especially, sisters. It has a simple message, which is love conquers all. 

Overall, this was a good show. I think Ellen DeGeneres did not disappoint as a host, and should be a permanent host for the Oscars. Even though, there were wins/losses I didn’t agree with, I still feel it mostly recognized true talent and hard work. I do wish it had more performances. I know the awards are already long, but I would love to see a bit more artistic expression. They can always cut the Red Carpet walk a bit short, right? :p

Let’s hope this year brings more talent, great movies, and an Oscar-winning performance for Mr. DiCaprio! He does deserve to win an Oscar, already!



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