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For Pete’s sake, stop the spam!

We humans need to evolve, and we are not going to get anywhere if we continue with the spam. It’s a bit more controlled than a few years ago, but it doesn’t make it less annoying. Or maybe it just seems like it is controlled, because most of us don’t fall for it anymore (come on, just admit it, you did fall for the ghost-curse-ridden chain letter).

My eyes are just getting a bit tired. It’s like being constipated. Spam is just something we can’t get rid of. I ask, is it worth it? Well, I guess for them it is, since it is easy to send Spam and make a profit out of it. Karma will get them one day.

Not very dear, and hideous Spammers,

It has come to my attention how annoying you are, and ask you to please get a real job and contribute to a good future for our planet, instead of destroying every single soul.

1) I don’t want to learn more about my prostrate, I’m a woman!

2)I don’t want the money I’ve just “won.” If it were true, I’d be a trillionaire by now. Besides, you told me I won 10k, but the next guy said 1 million. Who do you think I’d reply to?

3) I don’t care if I’m going to be chased by a ghost, if I fail to forward your silly chain letter. In fact, bring on the ghosts! I’d rather hang out with them, than reading your trash.

4) I don’t care how much Billy, Florence, or your aunt Helen make an hour.

5) I don’t care that you’re telling me to click on your link for the latest news, when I’m already on a news website!

6) I don’t want your “face” skin products. Guess what? If my face doesn’t age, my body will, and I’ll die someday anyway. I’m MORTAL. I’m HUMAN.

7) And my love life is none of your business.

Not sincerely, because I want to punch you and throw you into the depths of HELL,

Internet user

Of course! The world has struck me once more, and rules me today.

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My late hamster, the actor.

My hamster passed away years ago, but I have nothing but the best of memories of him. His name was Viggy Sidney. He was charming, but also had an attitude; however, he never bit me nor any of my family members! He was super friendly (I guess just like his mommy? hehe). He never married nor had a girlfriend. He was committed to his career as an actor (more like, I didn’t want him to date hehe). ¬†He meant a lot to me, because I adopted him after my grandma passed away. He was a great companion. Here are a few of his adventures. I always told him, I would write about him someday.

He placed 3rd in a “Cutest Hamster” contest! What a stud ūüėÄ


He played Santa Claus and distributed goods to all the good hamsters (yes, the hat was photoshopped)

He took over as a reindeer whenever he was needed (yes, they were photoshopped)


He would stand in the corner until his igloo was cleaned!


Leonardo Di’Caprio had competition back then. Here’s Viggy Sidney playing the part of Jack in Titanic


Here he is playing Anaconda


The Hunchback of Notre Dame


Playing Seabiscuit


In his dressing room. “Could someone pass me my script?”




I wanted to think he was playing Mission Impossible, but in reality, he was sleeping and snoring!


This was his first purchase after winning the Oscar


Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today ¬†(I’m winning against the world, eh?)

¬© Ellie and My name is Ellie and this is who I am, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog‚Äôs author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to¬†¬†Ellie and My name is Ellie and this is who I am,¬†with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. In addition, ‘Shares’ on social media may be used, providing full and clear link/credit is added.

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Less judgement, more peace.

It is easy to judge. We judge, because we aren’t perfect. They judge us, because they aren’t perfect. And it is true, we can’t strive to be perfect, because that will never happen. But, we can delay any future judgements from our part, by striving to become better.

There once was a woman who decided to leave her warm lands and go on a journey. On her way, she passed by a village. It was fully decorated with bouquets of white and violet flowers. She saw a man picking up leaves, and asked him what was going on. He stared and walk away. She was taken by surprise by his rudeness, but kept walking.

Finally, she saw more villagers, but they were in such rush, she couldn’t even let out a whisper. She was getting frustrated. Why was this village full of rude people? She spotted a bridge and hoped to find polite villagers on the other side ( as if a bridge could divide manners).

She saw a woman sitting by a bench. Her eyes were swollen and red. She had obviously been crying. As she approached, she noticed a basket next to her. She would soon find out that there was a baby inside. But just as she was about to greet her, the woman looked a bit reluctant towards her. Then, she hastily walked away. Was she hiding something? Perhaps, she was about to do something to her infant? What ever it was, she had enough with the rudeness.

She kept on walking until she reached a strawberry farm. The farmer greeted her and offered her a sample. The berries were delicious. She asked about his life, and pointed out how great it was that his family helped. She was happy she
was finally talking to someone. She told the farmer about her ordeal with the village. He looked in disbelief and assured her the villagers wouldn’t do such thing. Although, he mentioned he hadn’t seen them for a while, due to being ill. After the conversation, she grabbed a basket full of fruit and decided to go back home.

She had to pass through the village once again, but this time everything was different. Two villagers greeted her with crowns of flowers and a basket full of bread. “These people are definitely crazy,” she thought to herself. She played along and kept walking. The grounds were covered in petals, there were tables and empty plates everywhere. But, before she could ask what happened, she saw the woman with her infant, this time in her arms. “Why is she smiling?” She asked.

Everything was out of control in her mind. Was she going crazy? She didn’t want to wait to find out. She spotted a villager cleaning the tables and asked what was going on. His story took her by surprise:

“You see the lady holding her infant? That’s Mrs. Robeson. The Robeson family have been a positive influence in this village. They helped me when my farm was destroyed. Mr. Robeson passed away a few weeks ago, and she is now alone with her daughter. It’s been hard on all of us, but mostly on her. She’s holding on for her daughter. So, we put together a celebration, and we gifted her with a flower shop that she always wanted to own. All of us villagers built it together. It’s the first time we’ve seen her happy since Mr. Robeson’s passing”.

She was almost in disbelief, but before she could let out the tears, she offered her basket full of goods. The villager thanked her for her kindness, and she continued her way home.

Before she got far, the villager stopped her, and asked her where she got the goods from. She told him about the farmer, and he said, “that’s not possible. They passed away a year ago.” She didn’t want to stir up a heavy conversation, so she said, “perhaps, I’m mistaken,” and she left.

“Thank you for the basket, young lady. You are very kind,” said the villager.

“Not as kind as you,” she whisper.





Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today!

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Some of my favourite apps

“What? Just ‘some’? You’re a tease.” Yup, I am :D. Here are SOME of my favourite apps. Feel free (they’re literally free) to give them a try! But do so at your own risk. If you end up regretting it, it’s not my fault ;). You can download them on the App Store (Apple) by doing a search and installing.

Social Media:

1) Facebook (now it’s easier to stalk your friends): You can choose to save your password if you want. It’s simple to use and navigate. It’s also convenient if you don’t want to bring your laptop to your bed. I’ve had it for months now and have only experienced minor problems. For example, there have been times when the News Feed wouldn’t load, but a restart of the app would fix it.

2) Pinterest (a.k.a the app you forget you have): I recently created an account on Pinterest and I like it. I’m not sure I’m in love with it,because I forget I have an account all the time. I can see myself using it a lot, whenever I get in a fight with my laptop, though. I’m going to say one thing, it is awesome to have when you need your quick daily dose of Robert Downey Jr and Leonardo DiCaprio.


1) Duolingo (learning a new language is hard, and so is remembering this name!): I LOVE this app. It is a FREE tool where you can learn a new language. It is a lot of fun, you basically get so into it, you forget you’re learning. I’m learning French now, because I’d like to buy their amazing wine while speaking french, and its grammar is similar to Spanish (I’m fluent). You can also use your built-in microphone for some of the exercises. It’s great practice before you take your skills out in the real world, so¬†you don’t make a fool of myself with the pronunciation. It won’t let you pass if you mispronounce.¬†Hopefully, I will learn fast, or else my French ancestors will come to haunt me.


1) The Hobbit: Kingdoms of Middle-Earth: Wait, you thought I was going to say ‘Angry Birds’? Yes, I play the game, but it’s not a game I love (this is a list of MY favourite apps, after all). The Hobbit, however, is so amazing, it’s going to be my Valentine’s Day date! That’s how much I love it. It’s a world where you create your own cities, battle orcs (basically retail customers, but more stinky), and gain virtual rewards. I only have one city, but I’m building my own army! It’s great to pass the time, and very addicting. It is free, but if you want to speed things up, you can purchase ‘Mithril’ with REAL money. I don’t buy Mithril, I need to buy real food to live.


1) 7-minute workout (when it’s too cold to go to the gym): Snowstorm hits! Oh my goodness, how am I going to get to the gym? ¬†Well, you won’t. You’ll use this app to replace your time at the gym (don’t fully replace it, remember you paid for your gym membership). It’s an awesome way to keep active inside your home, when the ice apocalypse prevents you from leaving it. You can do 1 or up to 5 circuits. It’s only 7 minutes! Anyone can do it. I even use it while I watch movies!

2) Nike Training and Running (when 7 minutes is too easy): They’re 2 separate apps, but it is great when you want to challenge yourself. You can download awesome 30-minute workouts. They also have videos linked to it, explaining the different moves. No more excuses! And this is coming from me, the queen of “how am I supposed to workout if I can’t even get to the gym?”

3) Sleep Cycle (a slow way to interrupt your dream with Leo DiCaprio): It’s a smart alarm that stalks you during the night, and determines (by your movements) when it’s a good time to wake up. It is an awesome app. I feel well rested after I wake up. You can even use nature sounds to fall asleep, and your own music to wake up to (pick Enya!). You can change the time phases, too. The most recommended one is 30 minutes. It means, the app will pick the best time to wake you up, within the time to set the alarm. Ever since I’ve used it, I’ve been able to say goodbye to Iron Man during our battle to save the world (he knows now when I’m about to wake up). It’s like Inception, but with your own cliffhanger.

4)¬†Lumosity (your brain wants to be fit, don’t ignore it):¬†This is also one of the apps I’ve recently added. It basically trains your brain using different mind games. You can play on your computer, as well. It is free, but if you want more features, you can buy a membership. I’m getting so much better at the games, it’s incredible! Whether it will work in the long run, I’m not sure, but I’ll let you know!


1)¬†Netflix (because TV sucks):¬†No commercials, lots of shows and movies, you can pause and resume whenever you want. That’s it.


1) app (for brain farts/tantrums): Easy access to thousands of words. For an extra charge, you can upgrade to more dictionaries (they gotta make a profit somewhere)

2) WordPress: he he he


250744_10150928604318480_677399575_n^^^ Here’s a picture of a penguin trying to hypnotize you.

Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today!


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Broken Leaf

It would be nice to make memoirs with your mind. Imagine filling a bookshelf with books named after events in your life. I’m not talking about diaries, I’m talking about something much deeper. Just imagine creating these books with your mind.

This ability would allow you imprint every single detail of your life; what you did, how you felt, what you could’ve done different. This would feel like a gift. You could go back and learn from past mistakes, remember what you didn’t mean to forget. It’d be a chance to redeem yourself and to celebrate your achievements.

But, what if you abused this. What would happen if you were to discover a way to imprint your future, every detail of what is to come. I’m not talking about just seeing your future. It’s about physically seeing a book, having this in your bookcase, written real life stories in every page, accessible whenever you desire.

I’m thinking it would be like a broken leaf. You tearing it apart with every touch, unable to restore it.




Of course! The world would rule me if this were possible!

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A reign of denial

melting your soul

in incandescent fire

destroying your thoughts

by infinite Shadows.


Logic and purpose questioned

covered in a bandage of despair and regret

breathless and paralysed

falling into an abyss of Shadows.


Songs of sorrow shatter hopes

cementing its vile without warning

through shameless lament

sent from the Shadows.


Away they must go

alone I feel the need to be

stop crashing onto me

let them take me, these Shadows.


Tears down your cheeks

why are you not listening

will they help me

what if they take them?

these are Shadows.


If reaching your hand will vanish them

why am I reluctant?

You can’t transform me

these are powerful Shadows.

If I must trust, I could try

but you must pull me fast

from the Shadows.


It is safe, but why are you covering my eyes?

I promise, I will not look back.

 your hand has vanquished,

the Shadows.


You have conquered,


We have conquered,

the Shadows.


Of course! The world doesn’t rule me today

¬© Ellie and My name is Ellie and this is who I am, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog‚Äôs author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to¬†¬†Ellie and My name is Ellie and this is who I am,¬†with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. In addition, ‘Shares’ on social media may be used, providing full and clear link/credit is added.

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Taking laziness to a new level

My laziness is not part of my daily life, but sometimes I can’t help it. I’d like to call it ‘slowing down’, but I think we all know one would call that, denial. There are a few lazy moments where I’ve succeeded. Hey, at least I can say I’ve accomplished something on such a lazy day.

I wear headphones when I’m on my laptop, and when I need to grab something, I do take them off, except for today. I wanted to reach for something on my bed, and was too into my Enya songs, I tried to reach without taking my headphones off. Did I succeed? Barely! It’s a good thing my desk chair has wheels. They need to turn this into an Olympic sport! Okay, fine! I know, I won’t encourage this :p

I really don’t want to make this a HOBBIT (LOTR pun for habit) of mine. So, I promise I’ll take my headphones off next time.

How lazy were YOU, today?


^^^ I’m just going to let the ocean do the swimming for me

Ps: This is the song I was listening to. Perhaps, you’ll sympathize with me :p

Of course! The world sort of rules me today!

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In your sleep

You break free from all worries

entitled to build a new path

through dry leaves and rich sunlight

climb high to reach the Heavens

in your sleep.


You wash ashore the anguish

the one that triumphed in your waking moments

and follow its dissipation down the streams

in your sleep.


You let go and float with the flowers

dancing with their blossomed petals

inhaling a fresh scent of beauty and breeze

in your sleep.


No storms, no floods, no destruction

unless you let it be

you are free to spread your wings and fly

knowing you will not lose your way

in your sleep


¬© Ellie and My name is Ellie and this is who I am, 2014. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog‚Äôs author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to¬†¬†Ellie and My name is Ellie and this is who I am,¬†with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. In addition, ‘Shares’ on social media may be used, providing full and clear link/credit is added.

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Aquatic angels

This post is just about one of my favourite animals, penguins! Everyone around me knows I love penguins. I get penguin gifts, for my collection (I promise I never meant to start one). They’re awesome creatures that don’t care what anyone thinks. They’re very spontaneous, charming, cute, and wild. Perhaps one day, they’ll take over the world (under my command :p ). Honestly, you don’t know what to expect with them. Sometimes I think they’re my mini alter-egos.

74766_10150923339548480_379192004_n^^^ “ever heard of a thing called ‘privacy’?”


^^^ “We’re taking over the world? I thought you meant we’re TALKING to them”


^^^ “Look cute boys”