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Weekly Photo Challenge: Treasure

This is my first post for the Daily Post’s challenge of the week. Go to this page if you’d like to join:

There is one treasure I have, love. I took this photo years ago. I love when clouds make this awesome shapes! But this summarizes everything. It is a heart, and to us, heart is a symbol of love.

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There aren’t many people who are lucky enough to be loved. We must be grateful that not only we are loved, but that we have the ability TO love. Even when there are times when you feel you can’t love (i.e. heartbreak), others will be there to show you that you are loved. Love can blind you from seeing it, but only love can regain your eyesight. In the end, love can hurt, but only love can heal.

Love comes in different forms. You can love through Faith (if used correctly), family, friends, pets, and even objects. I love my stuffed animals, but obviously not on the same level as I love my family. But, it’s still love. Love is a gift for your comfort. When you really love someone or something, you enter into a dimension where you cannot hurt. That is not to say you cannot GET hurt, but it prevents YOU from hurting someone.

Love should be simple, we should just love one another. But, in the real world, it is complicated. Perhaps, we can try to make it simple. You love, I love, we live happily ever after. Like this turtle…






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