Broken Leaf

It would be nice to make memoirs with your mind. Imagine filling a bookshelf with books named after events in your life. I’m not talking about diaries, I’m talking about something much deeper. Just imagine creating these books with your mind.

This ability would allow you imprint every single detail of your life; what you did, how you felt, what you could’ve done different. This would feel like a gift. You could go back and learn from past mistakes, remember what you didn’t mean to forget. It’d be a chance to redeem yourself and to celebrate your achievements.

But, what if you abused this. What would happen if you were to discover a way to imprint your future, every detail of what is to come. I’m not talking about just seeing your future. It’s about physically seeing a book, having this in your bookcase, written real life stories in every page, accessible whenever you desire.

I’m thinking it would be like a broken leaf. You tearing it apart with every touch, unable to restore it.




Of course! The world would rule me if this were possible!

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